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Li Na a backhand straight winning points! Li Na 30-15 Cibulkova Li Na 2-1 Cibulkova
The second game,the opening and the situation is very similar,the two combination of a security,Mr. May Radanovic the first break in the third inning,leading 3-1 to protect even broken area win.Strait combination in the fifth inning to easily complete the security,then the sixth pressure,but Mr.May Radanovic tenacious,divide the stalemate after hard hold serve,with the advantage of a break,to lead 5-4 to the ball wins disk bureau. Tenth game,Strait combination played tenacious,three times breaks <a href=" 18655032

After the 2011 French Open champion Li Naji won her second Grand Slam singles champion!!!
On the tennis court,Li Na is very strong,create glory,but also to retire time reveal too much anddon't move. Retired after the ceremony on behalf of his players,he and Covey Tova approach to help out,then the light and dark,spectator to open mobile phone,create the bright stars of thescreen. In "the <a href="">jordan outlet</a> brightest star in the night sky" song accompaniment,playback of Li Na and in ten years after the end of the video,the video debut 59954470

The women's singles first round defeat to Bhathal Zhang Shuai,the ninth time Grand Slam singles second round defeat shock. Now,the only pay attention to the women's doubles game,while herpartner is also losing in the first round of kimiko date. But relatively speaking,Zhang Shuai won the women's doubles sign bad luck,the first round against No. seven seed Safa Lo Va / Hera Vuokko Va,this combination of Japan to win a difficulty.
The plane close to Wuhan,reporters feel more excited,decide <a href="">cheap jordan Shoes</a> on the plane of the 39132327

Cibulkova ball,Li Na ball hanging net! Li Na 15-15 Cibulkova Li Na 4-5 Cibulkova
However,Zinedine Li Na is wise. As the leader of WTA ranked second,at the age of 32,andinjuries,are in high positions and retire,will only remain in the <a href="">cheap oakleys</a> annals of her brilliant,rather than the decline in the state of cold.
Former Grand Slam champion Sandon Stolle in the Beijing Olympic Games conducted including Li Na,some China female player,said Li Na Sandon Stolle,said: "Li Na is the biggest challenge is that,in the last few years of occupation 15130252

The combination of outstanding performance last season,won the Wimbledon doubles champion,women's doubles finals title,to become the best combination of 2013 influential man in sports. The singles competition,Peng Shuai and Xie Shuwei are both stop the first round,can devote to the women's doubles competition. Transnational combination Mahdi Nova / O May Chaya,the strength of strong,full understanding of the Straits combination,should be able to win easily. The only suspense,is Peng Shuai's fitness and health,can guarantee to play enough.
Duus Tov to strengthen the offensive in the fourth