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I'm bored and I really wanted to see Suicide Squad today but I guess that didn't work out. However, hopefully soon, my mcr book will be coming soon and I'm excited for that. One more day of band for this week and I'll have my weekend off. Hallelujah. Anyway, keep it ugly.
P.s wild n' out is hilarious rn.
- xoxo J


It is my birthday today (aug 4th)
meaning that I get a lot of free shit. That is basically what birthdays are though right. You selebrate your birth with the giving of presents. I think it is stupid tbh. I'm a mean person. But none the less I got so much money and a guitar pedal. And now I think I sound much better whilst playing! See you later


a mean person.


I'M SO PUMPED UP THE NEW UPLOAD IS AMAZING, EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING ALL AT ONCE!!! 1)green day are releasing a new song in August. 2)ptv have already released a new song. 3)troye Sivan is rejoining youtube!! And 4)MCRX MCRX HOLY FRICK A NEW ERA HAS BEGUN. ALSO, TROYE'S NEW SONG IS BEING PLAYED EVERYWHERE!!!

I'm so exited! I can't believe it!

I'm gonna go to JuCo next month!

In high school I either excelled at what I did–Art, Creative Writing, English–or I didn't show up. If the teacher was lucky I was kicking my feet up on the desk in the back, listening to MCR, FoB, Manson.

I entered the work force–it was awesome! But, I always wanted to go to college. All the teachers said I'd have a better time there anyway. I've always loved learning about new things–Bucky Fuller's sleep cycle, the psychology behind Batman, and not to mention anything for the next novel I was working on.

Then…all my mental health issues showed up all at


I'm low key having a mental break down at The Five Of Us Are Dying it's too eqifgaghsd I can't process word ehat the fuck