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Bruno Mars tour sourced from the MCR website?

Guys, if you search "MCR tour" on google, it lists a whole bunch of upcoming dates, but if you click on them, they link you to a google page about Bruno Mars... The only connection I found was that the concert info for any of Bruno Mars' concerts says it was sourced from the MCR website? Anyone know what's going on with that?

sry, dunno wat to say...

Tanya just walked up to me outside...She asked for a light (again!) and she went to hug me...bat i didnt recognize her and I stepped back...and she showed me that she wasnt in a fighting mood...and when I looked up I recognized her.
Bat she is old now, she was very young just three years agogo. She looks fucking rough. Really rough. And I couldnt say anything to her after that because I was so upsetty. Bat I just smiled at her...
Holy Fuck bae, he want lying. Not about that one. I wish I coulda hung out with her more when she was still young and beautiful.
And that is the end.
Aaaand she just


It's -1°C where I live right now. Maybe it will snow for Christmas this year...
Well anyway I've been really exhausted the past few days. It didn't help that yesterday I was up all night doing my friend's home-ec homework for her. It's the same friend who sits next to me in science class. She said she'd pay me €5 if I did her homework and I said ok cuz I couldn't have been bothered to say no at that stage. Then I realised she was behind on 5 weeks of homework. I did it for her anyway.
So since I was up late last night, I accidentally slept in this morning.

DAY 31

W E L C O M E_

Today's mood: L A Z Y

Today's favorite song: 'Genie in a Bottle' Christina Aguilera

Today's Movie: The Jungle Book

Dream Journal: No dreams for you Edgy memes

The Story: Why am I just tired all the time. I'm so worn out and I just want to sleep. I think the winter sickness is kicking in...

The 'fun' fact about me: I have my christmas decorations up already, infact they were up since bonfire night

a's, b's and c's

TEACHER (*(*&*&(

help me, I'm broken

Can u guys give me some advice?