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30 minutes of Hell

Hai guys
I've just been in the most awkward situation possible ;-;

I was sat by myself on the 3:30 bus when the guy who likes me came over to me and asked if he could sit next to me so I said it was cool and he could sit next to me even though my head was screaming out 'No please don't sit next to me!!' Then his friends came on and asked him to sit at the back with them but instead of going he said "No I'll talk to you guys later I'm going to sit her with Eleanor"

I decided to put both my earphones and play my music really loud hoping he would get the impression that I didn't wanna talk


It grandparents day and I don't have one coming

Danger Days Box Set with Party Poison raygun!

Hey killjoys! Sadly, I'm going to be parting with my MCR box set in order to make room in my collection for other items. Search for item 282028935536 on everyone's most beloved auction site to find it!

Well sh*t

So, my teacher teaches different classes on different days. Understand? Good. So he told ONE class about a test but not MINE. He thought he did but he didn't and now we're all mad at him. But, the good thing is, I got a 96% so yay!

My friends are awesome

So my best friends and her family are throwing me a party on Saturday then my boyfriend and his family are taking me to laser tag AND my family still wants to throw a party like guys I don't need all this it's sweet of them though (I keep telling them I don't need a party or presents but they don't listen lol)