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W E L C O M E_

Today's mood: Somewhat refreshed.

Today's favorite song: '.Tragician.' by Frnk Iero and the Cellabration

Today's read: 'Death of the Family' by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo

The Story: Hello there fellow computers. Today you may notice the new layout. I think it is very sleek and very easy to follow. Perhaps straight to the point. Anyways, today's story is that of adventure. Well kinda. I delved into Frank Iero's solo albums (as well as Deathspells' Album). At first I wasn't feeling it. but then over the course of a few hours, I have really enjoyed ALLL OF THE SONGS!

the rock gods inspiration

Mila, son or many daughters of Job is a FUCKING ROCK STAR.
Right G? See, I coulda done that whyd I have to go to fucking school....


fill a hole
with cement
when i come back
i lament
because my home
has been destroyed
the worker bees
have been deployed
member when
i first crawled in?
candle lit
fist to chin
how you sang
as i lay
in the cage
youre beautiful
i worship you
what can i say
when its not true?
i dont
i do
i dont know
do you?
i dont know
you know?
i dont know
you do so.

i am I AM
i am the door
bat no, i think
he needs much more
he needs no thing
not mine, not me
and if youre good
hell set you free
covered up
sheltered in
i catch it
smells like sin
means nothing

tick tock tick tock figaro clock

I was just thinking about posting that poem I was talking about cause I used to write it on the walls around the town and I memorized it and I think I sent it to Billy too in 2003.
idk :)
Well see.