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But after Wimbledon this year, Li Na suddenly announced and coach Carlos - Lo Griggs "break up",after that, she announced her withdrawal from the North American hardcourt warm-up match, alsomissed the American tennis open, continuous absence led to the loss of a lot of Li Na integral, openher world ranking is likely to decline to third.
"In the Australian Open Road to Li Na Road, a tenacious struggle, especially in the third round of the reversal to win, she showed her increasingly powerful psychological and more mature and tacticalstrength, to the Chinese people and the world to bring the 80770510

The fourth game of Li Na serve to save a break point Paul made in the case of 0-30, big wide servesafter she squatted down body shot struck just landed on the other side of the corner site formation of winners. Helpless cetkovska hands challenge Hawkeye show, the ball is completely in place,Czech people are very embarrassed smile to ease the atmosphere. Then fifth of her own serve in the forces strong drawing back the ball under the unforced errors, people in Czech have complained loudly to express his dissatisfaction with the play. 36622256

People have been enjoying the Li Na in the Grand Slam arena must the joy, is willing to make such astick: Li Na's victory is the victory of "private", "outside the system" victory ", it is entirely Li Na's own"victory. After the success of Li Na, the emergence of a variety of interpretation of Li Na's version,according to Li Na in after the solo achievement to criticize the defects of the system is one of them.Because after the solo, Madonna twice in four years to climb to the top of a grand slam, it is easy todraw the conclusion, solo is absolutely better than within the system.
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In addition, Peng Shuai said, Chinese tennis has developed very fast in recent years, to give us too many surprises, more and more attention to the harvest, also more and more high. "We can have the opportunity to become a member of this glorious era, and leave their small footprint, I felt very happy, then, I will still be a game try to spell, hope to be able to live up to expectations," said Peng Shuai. (end)
Next Tuesday, Zhang Ze finally set foot on the race track, first round opponent is the Spaniardwodasike. 60552615

The bottom line to pull out of the bottom line of the ball, Safa Lo Va! Li Na Li Na 30-40 Safarova 1-4Safarova
According to the national network management center, a staff, at the time the price level is far lower than the current situation at home and abroad, the annual training, competition and other costs are as high as 300000 yuan, basically all is paid by the Hubei team together with the national team.