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De nuevo.

Ha pasado mucho tiempo desde que escribí algo en este lugar, me llevo la sorpresa de que todas las entradas pasadas fueron eliminadas (depuración, supongo) haré un resumen desde la última vez que escribí hasta la fecha:
Por fin terminé la carrera, soy Ing. en T.I. y no podría estar más feliz, logré un de mis sueños y hoy sigo adelante en mis metas, pienso mudarme en unos meses a otra ciudad y cumplir todo lo que me he propuesto, no sé que es lo que el destino me depare pero ahí estaré :) además de estudiar inglés :D


I really want MCR to continue with tours! I really want to go to one of their concerts

any americans or luxembourgians?

hey guys!

I know long time no posts, pretty busy the last months: but i really need your help

Are there any Americans interested in a study for my and my sister's Bachelor thesis? It is a questionnaire and it will only take 5-10 minutes
I would be very grateful for your participation!
If you are interested, please comment ot message :)

Thanks a lot!!! :D

What have you been up to?

Hiya! I haven't been on since the start of this year but after spending about three hours listening to MCR son gs ans watching their music videos (nearly crying my eyes out to most of them) I felt compelled to come online. So how is everyone?

I've been quite busy studying for my exams. At least I've got two over and done with now! Just a few mocks and a two hour long Graphic Design one to go now so studying is key. At least I have a week off school now to relax... on holiday. We're going abroad for a bit od the week so that should be fun. Still, Ive got to take studying stuff with me.


My first post!

Hello! My name is Ellie!

I'm just now finding out there's a community section of the MCR website and low key hate myself for not finding out sooner! I hope to meet new people through here <3