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Hey there! Brand new to this site, currently going through a rough patch in this journey called life. But being positive and determined. I know I'll be OK. Happy to chat. In my mid twenties from a rural area, so not much luck finding people that I can relate to.

- '30 is like the new 20.'
- 'yeah, for trees.'

Tomorrow :D

i will go tomorrow on jared hart's show!!!! im so excited!!! this is so amazing and im so nervous :P well he will be the opener for brian fallon, hes good too, but my sis is more into brian

First blog?!?!?!?! Advice needed too :)

Hey, this is the first blog i have ever done lmao so i thought it would be great to start now, and on this website. I absolutely love MCR and i love Frank sm <3 although i love every member :D

Sooo...The advice i need. I'm a bisexual 15 year old girl and i recently told my best friend (who is also a girl) that i liked her and she told me that she doesn't like me like that and that she sees me as a little sister. I'm not gonna lie but it broke my heart and now i kind just feel empty...not like i'm gonna show her that. I just need help on how to deal with it and what i should do next.

i found this again omg

i found my old laptop and this was on it lmao

cousin's obsession with p!atd song

This is a good thing obviously except for the fact that her fav (and only song she likes I think tbh) P!ATD song is Emperor's New Clothes and every time she sees the thumbnail of the video she goes crazy and wants me to click on the video and the song. Also keep in mind that she's 11 years old. Right so basically I'm hoping she never shows her mother anything because I'd get in trouble for showing her that stuff since Brendon literally turns into satan in the music video.

So then it'd be very hard to convince her that P!ATD is not satanic or anything like that.