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Suney Sune!

Everytime I call your name it reminds me of this song!
Looooooooovsz yoooooouuuuuuuh xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
I haz a furbie.


So, joined the google mcr community for a breif joint. And lemme just say,,,sorry, sorry, sorry. Sorry group of individuals. Idk how many stupid chicks were posting some stupid shit about "leave gerard alone he is married!" and tagging me in it? *tck tck tck* That's what I was sayin ho...although i was a lot more respectful and polite when I said. More creative too, i might add. And funny enough, admin stole my angel pic. So I deisbanded from it, thank gawd! This morning there were more arguments in my notifications, and i just dleted them.
,}* Im a good girl.
So I would not recommend that


we're doing a puzzle of 60s rock and it's a really good puzzle 1000 pieces wish me luck!
Also if I'm able to eat 100% today and tomorrow, I get to go on pass tomorrow! that means I go home for about four hours, try a meal, hang out, then come back to program. I'll probably be here until some time next week. I'm supposed to be here for longer but insurance won't cover longer than next week.I love insurance for covering what they do cover but I wish they'd cover my full stay. the plan was for me to be here until I reach a pound over my healthy weight.

When the cities burn down

Well there's a massive Forrest Fire in my State in North Georgia in the Mountains; that started from a lightning strike, but it has burned over 6,700 Acres of land and the smoke has drifted as far south as Atlanta. It's soooooo Hazy and smells of smoke here.

It's pretty bad. I really hope we get rain soon, it's way too dry here.

DAY 12

W E L C O M E_

Today's mood: Glad

Today's favorite song: 'Screen' by Twenty One Pilots

Today's Movie: Hush

Dream Journel: I thought I Would add this part because ive realised how I dream quite the bit so I am going to tell the stories of my dreams. This section will probably be empty more than the others so here we go.
Last night, I was merely going to college when suddenly I was robbed on campus. I was scared for my life. All I remember is that it was an old man and a younger woman who commit the crime and stole my bag and phone.