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I'm Still Listening to Their Song Like Their Still Exist

I never knew there is this menu in MCR official web that i can meet other people that still into MCR. I'm so lucky to be here.

Well, should i say hi? well, hi all of you :)

My Chemical Romance is some kind of my coming-of-age-hero in my life.
They were "the door" that leading me into a good-tasted person in music. I remember i was about 12 when their Third album of The Black was released. The first time i saw Their music video, Welcome To The Black Parade... i was so! Those whole concept of artwork was massive. The Black Parade wasn't just a music album, that was an artwork.

Debate time!

As I am pretty lazy, I really cannot think and type out a story, I thought it would be a fun idea to have a little list of debates that you guys can answer if you like!

Let us begin...

Gerard or Frank?

Screamo or Non- screamo?

Goth or Emo?

Books or Movies?

Cartoons or Anime?

Poems or Stories?

Guitar or drums?

Day or Night?

Sun or Rain?

Finally, Love or Hatred?

Sorry for the lack of story, blame my sleeping patterns hahaha

Anyway, See you all tomorrow WITH a story.



omg, today I had my first tv casting audition! I was nervous but I think I did do well. it was for my college. so I drove down to the site. signed in and waited. it was not long. I was scheduled for the morning, but since I did not read the email on time I did miss my time slot. I texted the person who told me about the casting and she said I could go on ahead and still show up. after signing in they did take a picture. I noticed that the people around me were like "real" actors. they just seemed more prepared and they arrived with their portfolios.


Well I haven't posted since 22nd of March and I haven't had much to talk about anyway so if I did post it would of just been like one word blogs. Let's talk about stuff.

This morning, before school, I left my friend in the cafeteria without telling her where I went. When I came back to the cafe she was sat on a table with one of my friends. The bell was about to ring and we stood up and so did the table behind us. Guess who was on that table? My crush and one of his friends. Anyway so we stood up and my friend said to the other guy 'Oh it's okay now!

the full-time fangirl struggle

I hate this about myself but I'm a full-time fangirl. I don't know how to shut up and even if I try, I never manage. The struggles are real. Right, let's start from the obvious: judgement.

When you're a full-time fangirl, people are always telling you to "chill" as if that one word will help me from escaping this hell. They think you're some stalker and creepy because you're such a fangirl and a true fan. Buuuut they come to me for recommendations and suggestions and such most of the time because I swear I'm in almost every fandom.

The other problem is the feels.