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I'm trying to compile a list of all the things that have gone wrong since the site went down a week or so ago so that I can get it passed on to the tech in charge of the site (who will hopefully fix some of them).

- Some blogs missing (2015 ones?)
- All past messages deleted
- Can't see if somebody has commented on a blog
- Can't edit or delete past blogs

Any more?

Turned 26 and got my lip pierced

So it was my birthday, i turned 26 and i finally got my vertical labret done! woop! i havent had it done before due to work and what not. but i asked y boss and she said it would be cool :-) yay!
once the swelling has gone down i will post a little pic :-)
hows everyone been? good week?

much love XxX


hey potatos

Na Na Na

that song makes me want to drive crazy and be in the desert like in the video. can anyone relate to me? XD

killjoys never die? lul i feel like im dying

i try to cough and my lower chest hurts and omg i think im dying xD help i dont wanna die