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My YouTube channel

Hi! How are you?
As you may see in the title, I'm starting a YouTube channel :D
It would mean soooo much for me if you subscribed and watch the videos I upload. I have many ideas for the channel, and u want to upload covers also. The channel name is Stolentales and the link to my most recent video is here:
Thanks again if you take the time to read this :)
I hope you have a nice day :)

Life On the Literal *LOL* Murder Scene


Firstly, sorry for the bad pun that doesn't really make sense. I was trying to be "edgey" and funny. I'm neither. Basically I'm having some issues with college aid and loans and it's killing me hence, the murder scene joke.

I don't really know what to do because if I can't figure them out then I can't go to college this Fall like I hoped. :( I have all these things working against me and it just feels like I'm never going to finish my stupid Astrophysicis degree and never make anything with my life. I'm 19. I feel like I should already being self supported and working toward my life.

new interview with Gerard

so Murmur Radio did an interview with Gerard and it is so so timely and Gerard goes into detail on his mental health and his current projects, and it is very inspiring to me just how brave and good he is! stability and happiness are incredibly underrated, you can be happy and balanced and make great work, as he has proven. my heart fills up with joy!
all the best, G!

Here's the link, I promise you, it is as good and heart-warming as you'd think:

we couldn't think of a title

Well I had another medical procedure done....

They said my stomach doesn't digest food properly? Idk but I had to do all these stomach tests, because I have been having problems with throwing up after I eat.

( not BULIMIA) but it is kinda weird.

Anyways I worked a 33 hour week last week an,d I worked 18 hours this week, so I should get a pretty good pay check this thursday from last week.

Otherwise everything else is fine.

I just feel like nobody ever really comments on blogs anymore.............

Happy IMCRD!

Just wanted to log on and say happy International My Chemical Romance day! Thanks to the guys for being a band and inspiring us all with their music.