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10 years of tbp

Yes I realize I am a day late but I was so busy yesterday! At least I found time to listen to the album (and MCRX of course!) but I honestly can't believe it's been ten years. Sadly, I was too young to listen to the album because at that time I was listening to princess songs and all that but yeah I still remember seeing them on TV and stuff, which is weird, considering I was 4. But yeah happy 10 years, The Black Parade! This album definitely shall live on for eternity.
Hope you have/had a good day and keep running, killjoys (and soldiers... ? Is that what TBP fans are called? Idk) x

10 years and 1 day

Happy (late) birthday Black Parade!!!! Fuckin love that album.


Im new the McRx jaket tho

10 Years

Happy 10th Anniversary of The Black Parade!!!
Thank you G, Mikey, Ray, and Frank for making this album (as well as the others). Since my discovery of MCR, this was the first album I purchased, and let me tell you, I listen to this CD nonstop. Nearly every day, I pop the album into my Xbox and let it run on repeat for hours on end. I can't get enough. The End and Dead! get me on my feet and jumping around, often head-banging or some Frank-style air guitar. This Is How I Disappear brings out my strong feelings and pain which I pour into singing the song.