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Well then

My sister officially has her Ph.D.

stupid spam filter

I made a whole blog post and then it 'triggered the spam filter' and I'm very mad but anyway yesterday Cheesy McCheese noticed me on twitter.

If you don't know who that is: it's basically a character or something idek haha but yeah apparently the person who created this is 'someone famous.' I think it's Gerard. Why? Well, the name of this person on twitter is cheese lord and it was created in March, I think that was the time when Gerard would change his names to '__ lord' on twitter. I think it was sleep lord? Not sure, though. We all know how damn secretive Gerard is!

Also, the first

What I have in common with my friends!

Thursday lunch time. PE was just round the corner both metaphorically and physically. I was walking into Quad with a load of friends. I start humming Mr Brightside by The Killers. One of my friends hears me and joins in, then another, and another. It started a chain reaction until everyone in the circle was singing it. The fun was ruined by the outsiders of the circle. They asked sarcastically 'Oh are you singing? So nice!'. My friends stopped singing but I continued on but quietly.


Hello ppl.

Things have changed for me

But that's okay. These have been a good few days. I have made friends with some people, despite my mixed emotions about my other friends. And I am learning Boulevard on my guitar! Comment some easy songs to learn?