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Im new the McRx jaket tho

10 Years

Happy 10th Anniversary of The Black Parade!!!
Thank you G, Mikey, Ray, and Frank for making this album (as well as the others). Since my discovery of MCR, this was the first album I purchased, and let me tell you, I listen to this CD nonstop. Nearly every day, I pop the album into my Xbox and let it run on repeat for hours on end. I can't get enough. The End and Dead! get me on my feet and jumping around, often head-banging or some Frank-style air guitar. This Is How I Disappear brings out my strong feelings and pain which I pour into singing the song.



On Squirrel

So I wanna talk about my first real gerlfriend Squirrel. I met her in Vancity in the Y2K. Heheheheheheheh we are both laughing and giggling right now. Ironically, the only ol relationship that we have had is me perving her video dance hall masterpieces. Some of which are famous, anyway
We slept under the stars in a burnt out shell. It was really beautiful, and then crawled into bed with candles. In a cage. In a cave. That was what Vancity was like. The cave went into the Ocean.
I wrote one poem for her and posted in on the zboard in 2003. It was

Mikey's a Dad & Senpai Noticed Me

Hi guys! ~ So I had an amazing day today.
When I woke up today I saw Mikeys post on instagram and I am so happy for him, Kristen and everyone else in the Way family. I can't believe Gerard is going to be an uncle and Bandit is going to have a baby cousin.
Later on I went on Gerards instagram because I wanted to say something to the soon to be new uncle. Everyone was commenting there and on Mikey's instagram of course and it was so great.