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new person

yo I'm Sophia I've been a fan of My chemical romance for 3 years now so yeah. That's about it.

Why Hello There!

I'm really bad at coming on here regularly!

So hi, I haven't made a post since May even though I can online like last month just to have a look at the site. Anyway so I turned 15 last month (hurray for being a decade and a half old!) and before that (at the start of July) I went to two concerts. The first one was Green Day on the 3/7/17 of July who was touring with Rancid. The second one was Blink-182 on the 5/7/17 of July who was touring with The Front Bottoms and Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls. Both shows were amazing.


De nuevo aquí escribiendo, no había tenido tiempo (la escuela y el trabajo me consumen) así que aprovechando este rato de quietud en la oficina, he vuelto a teclear. Hoy he decidido escribir acerca de mi fin de semana (5-7 de Agosto), debo decir que será algo largo pero detallado según mi perspectiva, así pues aquí vamos.


Hace unos días (exactamente el 5 de agosto) inició la travesía de descubrir una ciudad diferente, pero ese no fue el motivo principal de ese recorrido; el motivo fue conocer a alguien importante para mí.

Todo empezó el sábado 5 de Agosto, cuando salí del trabajo

Education Quotes

Education Quotes. The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Well My Mom got a new job so I will be moving to a new City closer to my Sister and Brother.

I will also be closer to my friend but she hasn't talked to me in a few weeks.