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I want grapes!

After like 3 months of having minimal appetite, well, my appetite has returned over the last two days ...

AND THERE'S NO FOOD IN THE HOUSE! wahhhhh!!!! :( Yes, the only thing is meat, meat, meat. And, ok, while I am fine with a little meat, I NEED my fruits and veggies too!...(actually, now that I'm writing this, i realize there are a few cans of beans. oops! ...but I mean, I need my GREENs, and like carrots, potatoes...)

and I want grapes! ;)

that is all.

haha just kidding. ok, well, not really.

Um hi?

Hi so I don't really know what I'm doing right now (I'm actually procrastinating doing my biology homework) but um hello? I guess? I'm Bethany and I'm addicted to My Chemical Romance. I am a newbie I guess you could say since I fell in love with MCR only about a month ago but they are my life now haha. I am a freshman in high school and I'm hating every minute of it. Until now I have been venting into a journal when I have problems but I guess I will use this blog now. I'm pretty sure no one will read this but that's ok because no one listens to me in real life anyways so I'm used to it.

High School

It's different I can say that much. I've come close to tears actually and I have no idea why. It's really stressful and it's only the first day oh dear

Well I loved Insomnia 58!

I od t want to go into too much detail or else I'll be here all day and this blog would be made up of 50 paragraphs. Anyway, on Monday I went to a large gaming event called Insomnia (this one was Insomnia 58 but they did miss out 13 so it's technically the 57th Insomnia). It was at Birmingham NEC so there was a lot of space to fill up with different panels and stalls about gaming.

lil blog

I love you guys <3
Trying to get it back into my scededucal to post and comment every day.
15 days until my 18th Birthday
17 days 19 hours until I get my tattoo
I REALLY hope I get money for my birthday so I can get my bridge piercing and spider bites (different from snake bites)
That's all for now.