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Hai guys

Hey, how are ya'll? (first blog here wooooo). I'm Corrina. 20 yrs. old (been listening to MCR since I was 10). I'd love to connect with all of you little frickers on here <3

Danger Days

Hi guys c:
I'm in school right now *-* I'm about to get my 'Praising Star' which basically say how well you have been doing in your subjects ^-^ I'll shall write about how I did later ^__^

Sarah has created a mood board all about Zayn Malik from One Direction (You all probably knew that)
I think....(stops to receive my prasing stars)...Her mood board looks really good *-* -praises sarah-

Right now I am in law for 2 hours with my partner in crime Ethan O'connor (Not my ex boyfriend) xD Then speaking of my ex I happen to be on his lunch today -_- (He's gonna avoid me because of the slush

What about this title?

Title check!
I'm in VMG with Eleanor. I was writing more of my story last night. We are about to get our reports. I hope I do well. So desperate for some high grades and high effort grades. I'll talk about my report when I get home. I have just had English and Maths. Nothing much happened. Oh, I have my report!

hey guys!!!

hey everyone. how are you guys doing? im just writing this to tell you all that life isnt all bad and that if you staytrue to yourself then everything will work out eventually. just listen to music or be creative because to me thats the best way to let all emotions free. i have struggled with a lot of problems and i want to help you guys anyway possible. so if you ever need to talk im here for all of you. stay strong and keep running killjoys.

xxxx Hannah.

So what's the reasoning behind this coming alive again?

Just curious. Seems quite out of the blue.

Anyway im noah and I became a fan of mcr the day after they broke up after hearing the songs Boy Division, The Light Behind Your Eyes and S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W and yeah, I'm 17 in high school and I've been through the depression shit and just trying to see the world in a happier way. Just started going back to traditional high school 2 days ago and it's been fine, I even have a "date" if you can even call it that, already.

so uhm yeah, lick that battery.