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video is posted!

the video is called "Thank you mcr ~Kawaii.killjoy~"
id love it if you left some comments and stuff. if you wanna see me try out a free game or something or a reaction of some sort please let me know because if you are interested in me making videos then ill do em. okay, good night killjoys!

I feel like shit

(Trigger warning- lots of swearing)

I feel like shit, and not that "I'm not feeling well so I feel like shit," it's more like "I feel like a worthless piece of shit."

So to explain what happened today, I've got to give a bit of background...a couple weeks ago I was elected co-president of NHS at my school next year. They've never done co-presidents before (and they only did so because of a tie). I'm excited, but because it's still this year, I didn't expect I would have to do much at this time.

Flash forward to today, we had a little service thing we were doing that involved making a thing

How My 22nd March Went + My Mother's Birthday

Whew, the site got absolutely filled with posts yesterday! It's nice to see so many people coming back here (or coming here for the first time!) just to thank the guys for all they've done. I also saw some people write some creative stuff, praying for what happened in Brussels yesterday, and people being sad about the breakup, so there was a bit of everything. I guess my post got lost in that sea of posts, but it's okay.
So how is everyone doing?

~She's the One They Call Ol' Whatsername~

Hey guys! Hope you all had a nice day! Here's how mine went:

Biology: we learned about prenatal and postnatal development today. The lab was just measuring and calculating how fast the fetus grows. Kind of boring. :/

Study hall: homeworkkk

English: We started writing our final dystopian literature essays We have to talk about the similarities in the themes of Fahrenheit 451 and The Hunger Games.It's not due until tomorrow at 11:50, but I'm gonna finish it today so I don't forget about it over break. I also helped my friend write our assessment thing for PE.

mcr concert

well even the 22nd passed,I feel prety awful just with the idea that the only way to watch them playing in a concert is going to be through youtube.........