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Happy Easter + March 22

I don't celebrate Easter but I thought it would still be nice to send out a nice happy Easter message. But this was a little more to talk about March 22, despite how late I am.

I think it's funny because my last post was about how it's almost March 22 and now here I am. I really can't believe it's been 3 years. But My Chemical Romance will never die because as much as I hate it, it's true that MCR is an idea, and therefore won't die if we don't let it.

So long and goodnight.

Happy friday, motherfuckers!

I don't know why but i cant wait to go home and watch the entire 5th season of Ru-Paul's Drag race on hulu, I'M SO HAPPY SHARON NEEDLES WON THE 4TH SEASON *SCREAMS* CHAD MICHAELS WOULD HAVE BEEN GOOD BUT BOTH OF THEM ARE QUEEN AF. Sorry if you have no idea what the shit im talking about. i posted my youtube video, its called "Thank you mcr ~Kawaii.killjoy~" on the youtubes. anywayy, have a good mo fuckin day

Wow, Hi, Hello

Wow remember that time a year ago I said I would be on here all the time. That was a lie.

Hopefully I'll stick to it this time.

Anyway, I guess I don't have much to update on since my only posts are just about MCR. So. Yeah. Wow I'm bad at this.

See ya.

Battery City

Wouldn't it be cool if us killjoys could have a city just for us? Like everything would be something from MCR. On March 22nd we would have a black parade and cry together rather then alone... would be awesome...