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3 days until the best day of my life

Hai guys so as the title claims on the 8th of April (I think it is 3 days) I get till I go and see my favourite band ever which is muse as some of you know...I am getting very annoyed right now as Sarah is teasing me with some disgusting looking cake ¬-¬ she now knows I don't eat

Sarah's QOTD is would you like a piece of my cake? ;)

see you later
-eleanor <3 xxooxxooxx

Looking for Mad Gear and Missile Kid

Recently I've been trying to find a physical copy of the Mad Gear and Missile Kid ep, and I haven't had any luck. All I've been able to find is a an eBay posting from 2011. I already know my chances are very slim, but does anyone have an extra copy or know of somebody selling one? I already checked and iTunes doesn't have it for sale on the store sadly, and I don't really wanna pull it from YouTube if I can help it. Thanks!

My short poem for my English class...

Good evening my little demons, and welcome to poem time. Instead of a story today, I would like to share a poem that I wrote for my English class today.


They call me good.
They call me bad.
My nickname is strong.
My nickname is broken.

I am the wind behind the wings of the mighty.
I am the darkness that haunts the scared.
I laugh in the face of criminals.
I cry when I confront my demons.

I am considered white.
I am considered black.
I am the heavens and the deepest of blue skies.
I am the inner circles of the never ending void.

I am a mortal human.
I am an immortal creature.


Hey guys!!!!!!! I came out to my mom today! She totally approves of how I feel about my sexuality!! But we didn't discuss about me wanting to be a boy much. We kind of glossed over that. But she said that she supports me.

Then she decides to ruin it by saying that I am going to go on medication for my emotions and mood swings. And I told her that I didn't want to do that and that I could handle it but apparently I am not handling it very well.

Oh my

Welp. Kinda sad how I just got around to being here.
I'm Sebby! (Seb for short.)
I really love these guys as I'm sure you guys to do too ^-^ and since Quotev has had a horrendous update I am now hiding here till its over. Okay! Bye ^-^