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Another tale of bullying

so my boyfriend is a freshman and I am a sophomore, who cares right? Wrong. Everyone at my school either thinks I'm a slut or a gold digger just because I'm dating him... I honestly love the hell out of him yet no one believes me like wtf? I'm having several people hitting me, calling me horrible names, and telling me to kill myself. I'm becoming frustrated as fuck and don't know what to do! Ugggggh

Which Album Is Your Favorite?

I'm kinda boring and stuck, i haven't meet anybody "in my tempo" to talk with.

So, guys let me know which My Chemical Romance is your favorite?

Mine is The Black Parade. I was into it with my best bro and we're still into it and the agree that the album was massive. I was 12 when this album got me!

I've said in my previous posts that, The Black Parade wasn't just an album, it was an artwork. The songs, the story, the visual art, was artsy. The idea of The Black Parade was so original and bizarrely unique. I love the visual art so much and the role-play.

Sick/Song reactions/Procrastination

Hey guys, so I've been pretty sick these last few days, which is why I haven't been on here much lately. I missed school on Monday and today, and pretty much just lay in bed and binge-watched twd and Criminal Minds, as well as watching a ton of Onision and Leafyishere on YouTube. (Do any of you watch either of them?) Because I missed school twice in a row, I now have a huge pile of work to complete, on top of everything else I had to do before I got sick. Now, I'm not sure if I've told you guys this in any of my previous posts, but I'm a horrible procrastinator.


Hi human beings and others,
I am new here, I think.
Talk you later, maybe.

Springsteen cancelled the concert in North Carolina

he cancelled it because of this bathroom law...
well i totally disagree with his decision, i mean why cancellin the whole show, he only punished his own fans! i mean this didnt stop the law at all

what do you think about it?