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Hesitant Alien And Stomachaches + More Guitar + More P!ATD

Okay, yesterday's plan totally failed, which was depressing. I stayed up way too late again and I'm going to have to fix that very soon because my classes start in a few days. Now, you may be asking, what have you been doing to stay up super late? Well...

-I decided to revisit Hesitant Alien and Stomachaches again, since I had only listened to them once and didn't think too much of both albums. Hesitant Alien was good to listen through but I don't think I could listen to that kind of music every day, I think it just feels too 'poppy' for me.


What concerts have you guys been to? If you have gone to any. I am gonna see Panic! At The Disco this July :D

Time for a cool story...

Yo, my name is Ryan. However that doesn't matter much to you. I just wanted to drop a little bit of a cool story on you. (Don't get your hopes up, I am merely venting)

So, let us begin this.

One fine easter afternoon many years ago a wild killjoy at heart (myself) was defying gravity all whilst trying to do back flips on a trampoline. This was going pretty well and the intensity that coursed through me just kept growing. This young earthling decided that he was going to be a pretty cool kid and attempt a double back flip. This could either go one of two ways really looking back at it.

I was

School trip

So my school arenged a 6 day trip to Crete (that's in Greece) and I stuffed some clothew in a suitcase and took this baby for company...see you in a few days fabulous killjoys..Have a nice week :D

MCR Online party

Just to responde to all your comments...I don't know if apps like whatsapp or hangout could realy help with what we want to do, but I will try to find a way to make this happen..(THATS A F***N PROMISE ) <3 good day everyone :*