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Wow! I need to praise my family

On Wednesday, I realised how much my family do for me because of a video to do with a bad son and mother relationship. I mean seriously I take most of the stuff they do for granted and I wish I didn't. Here is an example from most of my families that I am so thankful for:

Dad - Went out at midnight to a store to see if they had something that I needed for my homework that was due in THAT DAY
Mum - She always cleans the house and I never help out. Whenever she cleans my room, I just sit on my and watch YouTube videos or listen to music
Brother - Max puts up with all my thoughts.

Mythical Beasts??

Hi, so if you didn't know "Mythical Beasts" is what the youtube channel Rhett and Link ((or famously known for their channel Good Mythical Morning)) call their fans. I am really curious to see if anyone on here watches them. If you do, comment your favorite video or favorite something from them.

Literally losing every ounce of sanity in my being

AP tests start Monday and I'm losing my goddamn mind. I have one test where my teacher didn't teach well all year so I don't know anything for that test and guess what? It's my first test. The teacher hasn't even finished teaching us everything yet.

The worst part of this is that my family is teasing me for being stressed out. I'm on the verge of a panic attack and my dad goes, "oh wah wah wah." I'm sorry that I feel completely unprepared for tests that you paid for to get college credit and if I fail you'll get pissed that I wasted your money.

To top it off, I got assigned to work on Sat and


I haven't told my family and especially not my parents that I am bisexual because they act so accepting but I've seen their homophobic side come out. I am lucky to have found many supportive communities such as this one who supports it without question.

My beforementioned friend is doing better and she should be on break so the girls at school shouldn't be a problem.

And science class is still as boring as ever.

Talk about yourself in the comments? <3

Advice, Anyone?

So, I'm dealing with some female friend issues and I'm going to label this person T. T has been really mean to me ever since December, when she snapped at me for not sitting with a group of friends and just sitting there and "sulking". Ever since, our friendship has been on and off because of me apparently. Yesterday during math class, I was talking to T and she interrupted me mid-sentence and was like "stop" which she usually says when she wanted people to shut up. Yes, me being me I dropped the f-bomb on her a few times and just stopped talking to her for the rest of the day.