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Hey you guys. So here is the story. I asked my mum for my second piece of Mcr merch. She all of a sudden got real protective. Saying the band was making me crazy, dark,etc. So she asked me for one of my albums so she could listen to it on her way to work. I freaked out. I decided to give her the black parade because it isn't to upbeat and happy but not to kinda loud. I was gonna giver her danger days but then I remembered destroya and I was like, hahahaha no. And I didn't give her three cheers for sweet revenge because she would say it was dark.

So this happened...

WANING LOTS OF CUSSING. So my emo little self was walking to Spanish class with my boyfriend when this guy I know named Victor walked up and started harassing us. Me being the smart ass little gremlin that I am started yelling at him calling him what he is, a phycho stalker bitch. He then hit me and grabbed my breast and then I got in trouble! I did nothing wrong! So wtf?! If my teacher would've heard the full story then I wouldn't be in fucking trouble! Now I have 3 days sips and a black eye... Great


I need more friends like me lol I only have a handful of friends that like the same stuff as me most of the people I know are into rap and hate my emo soul so I suppress it because they say I'm weird and emo ;-;

Drones European Tour 2016

Hai guys long time no see huh? anyway as stated in my last blog I went to see muse on the 8th of April and it was absolutely amazing ! It was probably the best night of my life. The opening show was freaking awesome with the LED lights and 360 degree spinning stage *-* Plus Matt broke his guitar in the first five minutes >.< bless his little mosher socks ^-^ anyway I bought a tour shirt with the drones album cover on and the signed album *o*

Me and jenny are planning on going to slam dunk on may 28th so wish me luck

see you later
-Eleanor <3

Wait... I have friends?

I've been spending most of my time messaging people on Talk and To The End, oh and Twitter, so I didn't make a blog yesterday. Not much happened yesterday anyway so I'll make a blog tonight.

~Charlotte, Charlottie~