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happy easter

i wish everybody a happy easter! hope you have a nice sunday and already had


easter convos & closure

Hope everyone is good!
I'm not religious but my extended family are (briefly at least) so we went to their place for the day and evening. I had an okay time. I ended up having an interesting conversation with my grandma about when she got her fortune told, which I'm planning on doing for my birthday. I can't say I believe all that mystic stuff YET, but...I don't know. Better not say much more. ;)
So I was wondering, if any of you guys have something like depression, bipolar, anxiety, etc., does it give you closure when it is confirmed that you have the disorder?

Favourite lyric?

Ok, so soon/over summer I intend to get some flannel/plaid shirts to bleach lyrics or song titles on the back of, so far I have thought of:

my taste in music is your face;
I'm a kitchen sink (from the tøp song, kitchen sink);
Sing it For The World;
Don't threaten me with a good time;
Put on your warpaint;
Hey youngblood;
Youngblood, Killjoy, Sinner, Clique;
The Future is Bulletproof.

I would love some more suggestions for MCR lyrics that are relatively short, the only one not on there I'm thinking about is "Early Sunsets Over Monroeville", it is my absolute favourite song ever but the lyrics


Happy Easter, Killjoys! Keep Running!

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you all have a great day! I'm hoping I'll get too see Fall Out Boy today. If I did, this would be the best Easter! Bye!