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I haven't told my family and especially not my parents that I am bisexual because they act so accepting but I've seen their homophobic side come out. I am lucky to have found many supportive communities such as this one who supports it without question.

My beforementioned friend is doing better and she should be on break so the girls at school shouldn't be a problem.

And science class is still as boring as ever.

Talk about yourself in the comments? <3

Advice, Anyone?

So, I'm dealing with some female friend issues and I'm going to label this person T. T has been really mean to me ever since December, when she snapped at me for not sitting with a group of friends and just sitting there and "sulking". Ever since, our friendship has been on and off because of me apparently. Yesterday during math class, I was talking to T and she interrupted me mid-sentence and was like "stop" which she usually says when she wanted people to shut up. Yes, me being me I dropped the f-bomb on her a few times and just stopped talking to her for the rest of the day.

Life update.

Hello adventures of the dark and wicked. I haven't been here in a while, and all the support was great so here you go I think you deserve this little life update!

Let us begin...

*Ryan is happier

*Ryan has started exams and he is petrified

*The band night went great, we ended up playing Hey there Delilah

*Ryan is getting healthier which is great

*I'm going to be a cousin in a few months

*I am very much addicted to dark souls at the minute

Oh and here is a little story for you guys as well.

So innocent little me was walking swiftly to his next lesson when BOOM,,, I see my mother.

Weird af

So my friend Ryan walked up and put his hands over my eyes like "guess what" and I said "okay Ryan that's enough " then he

Being consequenced for being self concious ...

Hey guys,
Today's blog is gonna be mainly about what happened at school -_- and how my school sucks in many ways...

So today Period 2 I was in PE with my best friend Sarah (who has been mentioned in over blogs on here!) and it was snowing so we had to do High Jump indoors with the top PE set which happens to have a girl who has bullied me through out all my childhood in it with over really popular girls who hate Goths and Emos and other people who are different,Anyway me and Sarah both felt really judged and self concious as I look like a beached whale when I run ;-; so we both stood at the