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Excited, Bored, and everything in between

I haven't made a blog in a while (again). I'm getting bad at keeping up with this. I tried so hard and got so far but in the end it doesn't even matter. (Sorry I should not quote Linkin Park on an MCR site)

Anyways, I've been slightly bored the past day or so because we're on Spring Break and I don't know what to do with my life. I've gotten some homework done, and I do have a lot of things to do but I don't have the motivation to do them. Oh well.

Also, I'm getting the Electric Century Kerrang issue! So excited. We found it on Ebay.

Bury Me In Black + This Is How I Fail

Okay I've been procrastinating all day because I don't want to study... so I'll make this post quick and force myself to do it right afterwards, I swear! Ok, let's get right to it:
-Yesterday I was browsing Spotify for MCR songs I haven't listened to yet, which were for the most part the B-sides of Revenge and Black Parade. I liked The Black Parade ones in general, Desert Song was okay but it was kind of slow for me and then... I listened to Bury Me In Black.

School Dance

Where have I been? Yeah I know I usually come on here very day, but this week was really long and stressful. When I finally had free time, I just really didn't want to do...anything. I haven't even drawn this week but I usually practice that every day too. I HAVE continued watching Game Grumps play Sonic 06 (which is sooo funny), but other than that...nope, just schoolwork (I had to do a lot of writing as well, so I really didn't want to have to write more after that ;-;).

But anyway, the reason I was so stressed was because last night, I went to my school's semi-formal dance.

sunday update

Hey guys
i havent posted in a lil while. stayed with my friends for the weekend. I've been up for three hours but she's still asleep. a lot of my friends are in rough situations now. I want to help, but it's hard cause i'm having such a hard time too. had to call a crisis line again last night. i thought i was sufficating, i was freaking out. i thought i'd never stop wanting bad things and i'd never get bettter and i was panicing so much. mom said i should probably go to the ER but i really didn't want to.... i feel like a bitch and a shitty friend because i'm not in a place to help others.

where are the punks?

does anyone like punk on here? i guess so.
my fave bands are probably (mind you, I'm probably adding hardcore and post-hardcore bands)

- Fugazi
- Black Flag
- OFF!
- early Green Day
and others i've forgotten. does anyone have any recommendations? I kinda don't wanna listen to Minor Threat or Dead Kennedys. And I should probably check out some U.K. punk too.

dead boy