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welp I'm bored...

Anyone wanna talk I'm bored af

Good Friday freak out

So it's Good Friday and I still have school... Everyone is freaking out, almost no Christian is in my school today and my teachers are telling the kids who did come to "suck it up" like wtf? Well I wish those of you who are out of school a happy Good Friday

25th of March

Hey pals!

So well survived the 22nd, jup that was very not nice lol.
I had to work that day aswell and it was just not nice, did won the debate we had that day :D

Today I gotta work again, since it's easter I hope they asked someone else to join me bc it's gonna be very busy (I work at a supermarket). Also my neck hurts like HELL like omg I can't look up and then move my head without feeling like my muscle is being pulled out of my body :( My mom said I should go to the doctor but for that I'd have to make an appointment and if my doctor tells me to not work my boss is gonna get fucking mad