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A Small Update: Guitar Lessons And A Play!

Woo, it's been a while. How is everyone doing? I'm doing pretty great overall actually! I just haven't been around as much because I've been busy with other stuff but I'm still around here haha! Let's get right into what I've been up to then:

-I had my first 'serious' guitar lesson yesterday and it was epic! My teacher showed me the basement of the school which has a recording room: there was a girl playing drums there, being supervised by a teacher and we were able to watch her play for a bit, which was awesome. She was really talented!

Guys, what if McR reunited in 2019, AND had their reunion concert in the California desert?

That would be pretty neat. Tell me what you think, because that sounds good. I remember getting the Black Parade when it came out, and it was amazing. Then I listened to Three Cheers, and that was great too. In my opinion, Danger Days was probably the best (Sing is overrated). I'm also eagerly awaiting a second Gerard album and the first Ray Toro Solo Album, as he is my favorite member. Opinions, anybody?

Real Madrid vs Manchester City 4 May 2016

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Mikey and Math

In math someone asked if we were on chapter five in the textbooks and my teacher said "No my dear, that chapter is done."
Ow. Anyways, I might be going to North Carolina in the summer. I hope at least going somewhere because Connecticut is as interesting as a brick. I am not kidding. Also, I saw a hella nice pic of Mikey and i wanna cry he looked so good


I'd like to say this here and I hope I'll be accepted:) I'm new. Tomorrow is actually going to be a full month since I've started listening to My Chemical Romance. :) I'm 15 and only a few months ago did I realize my music style was changing and I listened to Panic! At the Disco, and I followed this page on Facebook that posted stuff about MCR as well, so I thought I should give them a try. Teenagers was the first song I heard and then I saw Welcome to the Black Parade.