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hey everyone i hope you all have a good day! im in music history right now. I'm so glad tomorrow is friday.

when your friends listen to pop

Yesterday my friends and I had a movie night and we met up at my friend's house and we were a group of 10 people. All of them listened to pop. You see, everytime we meet we have this "party" where we just listen to songs and dance and usually I'd be fine with it because I used to listen to pop before but yesterday idk why I tried dancing along with them, but I didn't enjoy listening to the music. I've really changed.

At least one of my friends in the group likes Green Day though but the other day my friend asked me to send him some MCR songs because he heard me talk about them a lot.. I

Doing better today.

Hey guys. How are you all? Despite everything that is going on in my life, I'm feeling pretty good. Kinda like my normal self again. Which is amazing.
I've been kinda busy this week, visiting my friend, watching my cousins baby and homework of course. So that's why I haven't updated every day. Like I normally do during the week.
Today was pretty uneventful. In my first period class we started the Final Test. Kinda scary but it's English and I'm not too bad at English so hopefully I do good.
In my second period class we were watching a movie.


(P1 in comments)

But anyway I'm better now! Didn't miss much honestly. For Easter I colored some MCR themed eggs. Caught up with a bunch of friends on Twitter (before I had to stop using my phone). But...yeah, that's it.

Anyway, tomorrow we're leaving to go to Cleveland! It probably doesn't sound too exciting, and that's because we're honestly just going for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We're leaving Thursday afternoon and coming back Saturday afternoon, so we really won't be gone for long.

Hesitant Alien And Stomachaches + More Guitar + More P!ATD

Okay, yesterday's plan totally failed, which was depressing. I stayed up way too late again and I'm going to have to fix that very soon because my classes start in a few days. Now, you may be asking, what have you been doing to stay up super late? Well...

-I decided to revisit Hesitant Alien and Stomachaches again, since I had only listened to them once and didn't think too much of both albums. Hesitant Alien was good to listen through but I don't think I could listen to that kind of music every day, I think it just feels too 'poppy' for me.