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Finally found a killjoy name!

After long hours and days and months of thinking and failing to be creative, I have found my killjoy name! So my name is : Neon Heart! Idk if that's original but I tried. I feel like it's very me. There's a sort of story behind it :) Let me explain. Basically if you look at me you'd think I'm moody and very mean because of the fact that I wear black almost all the time and have resting bitch face but in reality I don't have an ugly heart! I'm colourful and bubbly which is why I went for the name Neon Heart! What's your killjoy name?

The Daily Mail strikes...again..

After the MCR accusations back in 2008,the glorious Daily Mail strikes back pissing off sane people once again.This time for a completely different reason.The article was about how the UK aid is being spent on terrorism and wasteful projects,when in reality,it has helped million underprivileged people in many different ways.I was just wondering,how far are some people willing to go in order to sell some f*cking newspapers.Maybe too far?

Hey every one!

hi every one! i hope you have a great day and stuff. instead of coffee this morning i'm having some vanilla chai tea. so next Wednesday i will be leaving for Florida. so if i have time i will post on Instagram and on here before my brother and i's plane takes off. if you wanna see pictures my Instagram is and i'm sure there will be some plane videos going up on the youtubes. i will post a tour of my grandpas house if you wanna see it because its super cool and hes right on the shore so that might be interesting.

MCR Online party

I know I mentioned the same thing yesterday, but, IF ANYONE KNOWS a way to do a MCR online party it would be awesome...(think about it.. ;) )

school and music career?

Being back from a holiday and having the Easter holidays means a shit ton of homework. So that's what I'm doing right now, and gosh do I hate school. Well, don't get me wrong, I love education. I just hate not having some free time and always having to stress about things and I hate always feeling like a failure, you know? In the future, I want to do music as a career. I've always said this, even before I started singing.

I had a lesson on Saturday with my vocal coach who's from London and he teaches Little Mix and Fleur East (idk if you've heard of them; their music genre is pop but