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Slightly better than last time

I had my first AP test out of the bunch today and I'm pretty sure I failed it because my teacher barely taught us anything. (It also didn't help that I would work on other homework in her class). But she taught us how to write one of the essay formats this morning like an hour before the test.

But by now I've reached my "fuck it" moment. The moment where you say "fuck it I don't even care anymore." So that's kinda why I'm more calm. I don't even care anymore. I'm not going to study much more for the rest of my tests. I'm just going to go out there and do it.

Junior year sucks ass.


I don't know why I didn't know my chemical romance had a website where users could post their own blogs, but I guess I'm an idiot. I'm really late finding out about my chemical romance, I found them two years after they broke up! Haha! Not haha. ((wtfff????)) Buuuut I guess I should post the things I like and my killjoy profile??? Yeah.
So the things that I like are Mcr, Fob, Panic!. Top ((twenty one pilots)), ptv, bvb, homestuck, and anime.Aaaaall the anime. I like art but I can't draw craaaap xc.
I have decided NOT to post my killjoy profile because I'll be embarrassed later on and that's

Run Away With Me...

so that person i have a crush on that i was talking about before...asked me out today ahhh! she's so rad she agreed to fake-date me yesterday to scare off a creepy stalker kid but then we just decided to fuck it so now i have a significant other for the first time (well i have a bf for two days in kindergarten buuut i dont think that counts :P).sadly she had to go back to boarding school a few hours ago and will only have limited wifi for like three weeks, but she always gets on facebook on the weekends and i believe she always has access to her school email?


I love listening to Hesitant Alien so much! I have been listening to the guys's individual albums like Stomachaches and For The Night To Control. I haven't really been listening to MCR's actual albums, and I feel like I'm betraying them because I'm not listening to their music.


Is anyone in here good at giving advice? Please help :'(