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Small Victories

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another blog post about nothing because my day was the most uneventful day ever! Okay it wasn't that uneventful but to be honest it's not like there was too much going on either. I'll just give you all the highlights:
-My english presentation went pretty smoothly. I got 100% which was pretty nice, and my friend who was working with me in the project got a good grade too!
-I spent one of my recesses working on the concept for the story I want to write, as I mentioned yesterday.


Hey I'm bored in class so ya..... Oh guess what day it's gonna be soon! March 22! I'm so mad slash sad...
So ya what will you be doing for March 22?

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Writing This From My New Child, Mikey

Haha I liked how that sounded in my head...but anyways I got my new laptop (named Mikey, like I said)! Since I'll be typing on here again, I'll probably make less typos than I was in the past few weeks because I am much better with keyboards on computers than on phones. Anyways, here is how my day went (ooo, LA Devotee just came on :D)

Biology: We had a test on the excretory system. I think I did pretty well on it, though I'm not as sure as I usually am.

Awesome New but Old Videos!!

Okay, so...

I will be trying not to obsess so much after today, but somehow I stumbled across this new but old MCR interview. (Oh right, I was going to watch that Musicast show again, but I felt like something not this interview was cool!) It's new, because I had never seen it, but old because it's probably one of their first interviews in 2003 (not 2002). Oh man! Gee is such a baby here!!! So cute! Of course they all are! I like how the others talked a little bit more too; not so much Ray, but Mikey and Matt and of course Gee's wingman Frank.

MCR demos

Lately despite the pain of my teeth (I have had my fixed braces installed) I have been discovering many MCR demos and un-released songs (I have also been listening to the acoustic versions of their songs.) There is so much raw beauty in the un-released demos as well and it has been helping me with my writing as I am writing a short novel that I hope to have published as an e-book. If you guys want next post I could link the demos and if you are interested I could also post a link to my story on wattpad.