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Party Poison Ray Gun

I forgot to post this, but last week I made my
own Party Poison ray gun for when I cosplay him for Tora-Con! I found a "space gun" at this toy store in our mall, then I spray painted it yellow. I used red and black acrylic paint to draw the stripes and writing and stuff. The Japanese writing was difficult, but I finally found a clear picture and translation of what it said. It even makes laser sounds when you pull the trigger. :) But yeah, thought some of you might be interested in that.

Besides that, not much going on today. No school because of exam week.

We haven't done the show yet!

I have two hours at home before I return to school for a 2 hour rehearsal and then the big thing! I am so excited. Time to write a blog! So what has happened today at school:
First lesson, second lesson, break, third lesson, fourth lesson, fifth lesson: Drama or in the Performing Arts/New Block. Yeah I spent all day in the new arts block apart from lunch. Then I were in the cafeteria also known as the 'caf'. It sounds like that but I don't know how you spell it. For lunch I had a tuna and cucumber sandwich as they ran out of crispy chicken pieces in barbecue sauce.

It's not a fashion statement it's a death wish...

hi, c:

The weather is absolutely dreadful I've just been outside for break and my hair is wet and Erin's hair is perfectly dry and amazing!!! I'm so jealous >.<
Anyway we had PE inside thank god otherwise I would look like something out of a horror film with my eyeliner all over my face !!

anyway next I have computer science with my Gothic potato !!

Question: What the weather like outside xD

Crush Dump

Just posting here to say that I really have a crush on someone, and that it sucks that they live in florida and that we will never have a chance together, but it also is kind of nice to not have to worry about it either. I just hope someday I might meet someone that I can relate to just as much that is nearby. Oh well

The site doesn't say hacked anymore?

Yknow how the site used to say it was hacked when you searched for it on google? It went away for me, has it gone for anyone else?