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my life atm

hey all!!!
So my life at the moment is work and day off and work some more. lol, not alot to it.
BUT i applied for a UK tv show called The Island with Bear Grylls. Not sure if you folk know of this show, but it is a survival one. they plonk a group of you on a island with nothing. and you have to survive, for a whole month. its pretty raw.
I really want to go on. i want to push my physical side and mental to. Not many people here know me, even though I've been on here longer than the majority but my mental state hasn't been stable over the yrs, lol.


I wanted to post something this week but I really don't have anything to say! Saw Civil War which I loved and I also FUCKING LOVED TATINOF! I don't want to spoil either of them though so I won't say anything. Went to the Toronto Science Center today which was pretty cool, then we drove home and I finished my English project. Other than that, nothing to say. Movie was great, show was great, and things with my significant other have been great.

12:04AM on a spring night

this is a poem i guess.

normally i'm asleep at 12:04 am
but today is different because i saw your face
and it looked as if you've been lacking something
wether it's sleep or water or religion
i don't know, and i probably shouldn't care
as we haven't talked in 62 days and i promise that's just an estimate
because it's not good to count the days since you last felt happiness, but it's become such a bad habit
i was finally just feeling better
no longer looking at myself and whispering "he never loved you" over and over until i smashed everything else in my brain
and the pieces of sanity spilt

y'know what..

Okay, quick vent because I don't like venting to people in the event they think that's all I do. But this needs to get out. I promise I'm normally happy and bubbly

It's almost like every time I try to show a little independence or something I get snapped at. And when I try to be nice and friendly and like "let's go do [insert activity like getting coffee] together Mom/Dad!" I get snapped at. Or pushed aside for a phone call that for some reason is more important than hearing about my day, even though it's literally just gossip.

Well then

My sister officially has her Ph.D.