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3 Years

Though it's been a long 3 Years without any new Mcr, I still will always have the memories of the one and only time I got to see them at projekt revolution in (maybe) 2008. I cried that night as the entire crowd sang to Cancer. They will always be the anthem to my life.

Three years

Hello, I'm writing this at school at the moment so don't expect it to be very long. I just want to say thank you to mcr, even though they parted, they gave us music, freedom, uniqueness (that is a word, right) and above all, hope. There are so many music gems they have created. Teenagers, WTTBP, Helena, Planetary (GO!) just to name a few. This anniversary shouldn't be a depression day, it should be a celebration. Yes, I'm not gonna lie, I'm gonna cuddle up with some malteasers and binge watch interviews tonight, but we should celebrate what they've given us.

It's Today

Today is the day, guys. Yes, I'm aware that you know this, but I believe that it's a day to not mourn the ending three years ago, but a day to celebrate THIRTEEN YEARS of life from the guys, and to help keep the MCRmy alive. It's what the guys would want. They don't want to see an entire fanbase upset today, they want to see us happy and alive, bright and joyous. Yes, it's sad, but we need to realize that it IS okay (I promise).
Today, the guys would want us to listen to their voices, and hear the words that they have chosen to share with us.

I cri everitiem

It's been three years without you. I never got to meet you, I and never saw you in person but I miss you a whole lot. "It's not a band, it's an idea" and "I just got so emo I fell apart" are a couple of well known facts from you. R.I.P. M.C.R.

MCR Breakup

Honestly, I was very upset when I found out that My Chemical Romance broke up. But it can be a good thing, in a way:
If they were not happy as a band, and it was only hurting them, then it's a good thing that they broke up. I'd only wish the best for them.
Anyway, since it's been three years today since they broke up, I think we should write 'So Long and Goodnight' on one of our arms. :)