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Hey everybody. I have been thinking about how my emotions change. I know that my emotions are supposed to change, but I think mine change irregularly. I don't know why. But if you give me the setting of darkness and put some rebellious music on, I will feel invincible. But, if you put on music that is sad and it's raining outside, I will feel like I want to kill myself. And if you put happy music on and I am super awake, I will dance around like an insane person.

Personal Stuff

Just a little update here.
Getting the email notification from the site saying the little Gerard Way figurines were on sale kinda got my spirits up; then I realized I have no money... so fuck... My sis told me she bought me one at Hot Topic during Christmas time, but those gifts still haven't been shipped out. .-. ah well. I have enough crap gathered in my room. Speaking of, I have this Red Line trick bike I'm looking to sell!! It's in great condition, custom black and green paint job, the brakes work!

Wrist is in pain :(

Let's get going. There's a lot to say!

Bus stop: Loads of people were trying to get on the creepy bus so the school police officer told them all off so only a couple got on that bus. Everyone was talking about the people who got on the creepy bus. It was funny. Oh and watch out for the engulfing of the sun by a certain person who got on the creepy bus.

Before first lesson: Sat in the caf on the normal before school table. I saw my crush, C, sat in the same seat as me just two tables ahead. I was freaking out inside.

First lesson: Maths. Not much.

Fairly Local part 1

Hi guys ^-^,
I'm in such a good mood today mainly because I found a new band who I now adore called Saywecanfly (You might of heard of them maybe not but I suggest you check them out ^-^) Also before I forget (no slipknot pun intended) I'll tell you about my day (this is going to be be really long)
Before Period 1 (first lesson) :
I arranged to meet up with my 'Gothic potato' and go to art with her so she could finish her 'circus' themed poster, Her teacher is so nice, usually you aren't allowed to have your phones out but since it was only us two there she let us listen to our own music

The Sadness Inside

We were attracted to one another’s
Glancing up at just the right
to see a glimmer, a shimmer of
We couldn’t help but fall in
When it all turned to
well, what more did you
I always knew we would
one another with our own
I’m so very sorry, so very
I know you won’t forgive
— Jade Trisdale2016