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MCR at vintage vinyl '04

an amazing live video of MCR was uploaded a few weeks by Vintage Vinyl, a record store in NJ. MCR, Leathermouth and frnkiero andthe cellabration have all played here.
it's a really good oldie. and they play Vampires, which is such a classic.


Happy friday!

hi everyone i hope you are having a fantastic day! i know i am! anyway i have decided my killjoy name (finally bitch its been 4 years) it is *drumroll* Salem Solstice
i really love Salem and the history of witch burring and stuff like that. lol I'm a history junkie. anyway have a great day and ill chat with you all on Monday!

Who's side should I be on?

I've decided only to do blogs on the most interesting thing that happens to me. Wait that will mean I'll have no blogs on a weekend. Na, I couldn't not do a blog for more than two days. I'll just do whatever is in my head on a weekend. Now today's interesting thing is from lunch... for once. It also links isn't after school too so ill tell you when the switch is.

So it started as a typical Friday lunch time. I leave DT with Maddy to go get lunch. We accidentally walked around the long way to the car so we had to stand in a queue. We were at the front though.


Mom- What is that song?
Me- What song?
*Mom plays song*
*G Note Plays*
Me in tears- Oh that song.


Oh ya' know... just watching old mcr videos. looking through their 2007 facebook page. crying over 'restricted content' on their site. the usual.