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Late night blog

Hey guys! Any late nighters up? I'm bored and willing to chat ^_^
My baby Connor isn't answering my texts so I'm feeling lonely. Anyone wanna change that? :)
I'm willing to talk to anyone

Thanks so much you guys

Thank you to all the people who responded to my previous post, I found a great gift today that I'm sure she'll love.

Sorry :T

Hey sorry I haven't been on a lot is going on but hey my life has gotten better yea um I went to warped and had so much fun i got cake smashed In my face and everything so I'm yea tell me what's going on and yea live you all
~Faythe A Lopez

Questions Thing Since I've Been Reading All the Others

1) Which is your fave. animal?
Either hippos or whales.
2) What is the worst food you ever tasted?
My mom once made homemade fish fillet things. I nearly threw up.
3) Which is your fave. part of the world?
Honestly I think beauty can be found in most places here, but I find forests and like abandoned places within them really amazing.
4) What came first, the hen or the egg?
The egg because chickens had to evolve from anther species, so the first chicken came from the egg of the animal before it.
5) Which is the last movie you saw?
The Princess and the Frog. Disney's pretty epic to me, what can I say haha.
6) Do you believe in aliens?
Yup. Especially hesitant ones (I'll escort myself out with that one).
7) Which is the best thing that ever happened to you?
I've been getting involved in more chorus and theater sort of things that have really boosted my self esteem. Plus discovering different music has made me a much happier person.
8) Which is the best TV show you know?

Dont know what to put

Hey people, I don't really post much but I need some help.
Its me and my girlfriends 2 year anniversary and I don't know what to get her.
Can anyone give me some ideas for gifts?