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Guys, what if McR reunited in 2019, AND had their reunion concert in the California desert?

That would be pretty neat. Tell me what you think, because that sounds good. I remember getting the Black Parade when it came out, and it was amazing. Then I listened to Three Cheers, and that was great too. In my opinion, Danger Days was probably the best (Sing is overrated). I'm also eagerly awaiting a second Gerard album and the first Ray Toro Solo Album, as he is my favorite member. Opinions, anybody?

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Mikey and Math

In math someone asked if we were on chapter five in the textbooks and my teacher said "No my dear, that chapter is done."
Ow. Anyways, I might be going to North Carolina in the summer. I hope at least going somewhere because Connecticut is as interesting as a brick. I am not kidding. Also, I saw a hella nice pic of Mikey and i wanna cry he looked so good


I'd like to say this here and I hope I'll be accepted:) I'm new. Tomorrow is actually going to be a full month since I've started listening to My Chemical Romance. :) I'm 15 and only a few months ago did I realize my music style was changing and I listened to Panic! At the Disco, and I followed this page on Facebook that posted stuff about MCR as well, so I thought I should give them a try. Teenagers was the first song I heard and then I saw Welcome to the Black Parade.

So tired...

It's 8:15 am and I'm at school trying not to fall asleep