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Hello chaps and other magnificent creatures, today I don't have a story for you. This is due to me not feeling well and, I really can't spare the very much needed energy at the moment.

So instead I have decided, I want you to tell me a story, perhaps it makes me feel better...

So let us begin

Tell me your favorite story that makes you smile and tomorrow I will post mine. Deal? Awesome!

Sorry for the lack of stuff today again. I love you all very much and the support has been great the past few days.

Love, Ryan


The band that saved and gave me my life
A teenage boy climbing out of an old Mercedes
Walking through the town at night, cold hands tucked into your closest friend’s pockets
The warm hum of a four stringed heart beat
A welcoming group of 50 queer teens
A home built not only of pixels, but of a community of pure hope
The feeling of looking in the mirror, and knowing you look exactly how you feel.

"I'm Not Dead, I Only Dress That Way"

Random quote for the title seems good here haha. Well, I forgot to post something yesterday oops... Not that I had anything interesting to talk about anyway. I don't really like April Fools, I can't pull off good jokes/pranks and I get caught by almost every one they pull off on me. This site has been kind of dead, where is everyone? Aw well, just here to talk about some stuff, I'm considering posting only when I have something to talk about since it might be boring for you guys to read the same thing every day, even though I try to talk about different stuff.

-I've been on a P!ATD marathon:

Art is My Weapon

I made a painting of the Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge album, and I would love to know what you guys think!! It took forever, and I'm sorry the camera quality sucks cx
(The link apparently triggers the spam filter, so here are the directions:
Go to
My profile is KeepItUgly2267
The picture is Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge (painting)
Enjoy <3


I got my boyfriend into MCR today