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Hello again!

So I'm here in the place I volunteer on the computer while a Spanish woman looks on. She is waiting for someone who speaks Spanish as well. I cannot, seeing as I am unable to speak Spanish. *puts up hand* TRANSLATOR! I'M IN NEED OF A TRANSLATOR!!!!!!!! LOP :D XD

officially an adult!!!

hey guys! i am officially an adult now. i just graduated from high school. im only 17 but i will be 18 in 2 weeks so it works for me. on my birthday i am going to have a birthday/grad party. YAY! and im gonna get the underside of my dark black hair died a bright blue! so anyway that iss an update on my life. see ya guys on the other side of Battery City. i lie nearby in Badassland ;)


Destroya Pills Chapter 1(new fan fiction)

On a cold winter night in New Jersey a young man smokes a cigarette outside a club. He has dark hair and a face like Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins. After he is finished with his cigarette he walks till he stops at a house. There is a party going on and dosn't bother to say hi to anyone. He walks towards a young lady with a turquoise pixie hair cut. " Hi. You ready? Come on. Let's go in the back." He follows her were its quite. There in a room with green walls. The girl looks at the man and becons him to sit on the bed with her. " Can I give you the money later on tomorrow?


So I am kinda sad right now. There is only 1 day left of school and alot, and I mean ALOT of my friends are moving away. Either different schools, or a new city. And that kinds ticks me off. I know of 9 people (Only in my class) that are moving away or that might move away, and 1 already has moved yesterday, so now 8. :( This is kinda depressing to me. I know 5 are for sure moving, and I will miss them SOO much!! 4 of the 5 came this year, but not one of them were there since September. So, it really does make me a bit sad.

anything in common? talk to me! i need friends!

Name: Sarah
Birthday: December 29, 1997
Birthplace: Vermont
Favourite Color: red
Favourite Drink: vanilla bean coolata
Favourite Food: probbbbably pizza
Favourite Sport: does sleeping count as a sport
Time right now: 9:04
Hair Color: dark brown
Nail polish right now: metallic blueish purpleish
Size feet: 6
Dress size: 4
Height: 5'0
Perfume: some perfume from bath and bodyworks
Glasses?: nooo
Last party?: uh well i went to a birthday party for my boyfriend's 5 year old sister xD
Favorite Male celebrity: jfc there's too mannyyy. umm Ansel Elgort at the moment
Favorite Female celebrity: Iggy