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Do you have a Killjoys name ?

MCR online party

Well I was thinking that propably MCR won't reunite so : what if the MCRmy all around the world did (somehow) an online party? :3

Well Hey There

Hot dang it's been a long time. Just thought I'd pop in and say hi. Happy Easter too. Anyone feel free to shoot me a message if ya wanna talk!

Hi !

Hi Killjoys ! I just arrived on the website and I want to tell why. I'm here because I hope meet some nice people for talking with or even make some friends. I don't have many friends (actually, 1 or 2) and sometimes I feel bad, really bad. I feel like I'm always juge, like I will always fail, or like I'm a really really really stupid. MCR help me for a lot of things, when I feel bad, I put my headphones on and start music. I'm feeling good only when I'm listen to music and I can fight my loneliness only with it.
I feel strange by writing this, I'm affraid to be juge or something like that.

A cool thing

Hey wassup my friends? I just recently checked the MCR YT channel, and all of the spam videos are gone!
*if anyone already saw this don't hurt me please*