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HB Gerard !

I only want to wish a happy birthday to Gerard, and thank him again for the strenght he gave me to face my fears and become a singer :).


general update - unreliable and new name?

So this is a little blog about an annoying aspect of myself that some of you might relate to and me wanting to use a name on here that's not actually my own.
Basically, I don't know if unreliable is the right word, but I'm something of the sort. Part of this is, like, my hyper sensitivity and how quickly my mind and mood tends to change. Because of the aforementioned tendencies I have, I can be a bit um...spontaneous, unpredictable..yeah that's right. I might be so upset by legitimately the smallest thing and just abandon the people I'm with.


If you were to meet me in real life, you would see a normal 17 year old boy who needs to put on weight. Now, if you were to take a step into my room... your opinion of me might change.

Posters. I think I'm addicted to them. I cannot see any wallpaper on my walls anymore it is full of them. Of course I have a whole wall dedicated to our overlords ( MCR ), But it has a lot of... well lets say dead looking people on them.

I have a much younger sister. She is a toddler that refuses to enter my room as she is scared of all of the faces on my walls. I love them too much to take them down.


who else is really fuckin pumped for G's comic stuff?

This is the Best Day Ever!!!!

on repeat on

found this beauty

"aweoh you guys are gonna make me blush!" :D (Gee)