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Dating delema

So my boyfriend and I had planned a date for yesterday right? Well right before I walked out the door this happened... my mom "where do you think you're going?" "On a date with my boyfriend... I told you this a week ago..." "Oh no you're not! You have not cleaned Keegan's (my 14 year old little brother's) room" "so? He's 14 he can clean his own room" "no! It is your job to clean the house so until you clean it you cannot go" "fine" *cleans brother's room* "bye mom" "NO!

Embiznes Program

Let we introduce our service and Our completely different genders square measure preposterously advanced and tough to know. generally it’s arduous to grasp what square measure the various things the opposite gender struggles with. The arduous truth is that we have a tendency to can be doing lots a lot of to assist our brothers and sisters to urge to website

I’ve detected individuals raise, Why is it my website to assist them meet up with to God? they'll get t right, they can.

Greatness and Mediocrity

This was originally a comment for DOA's last post, which made me think a lot (it'll make more sense if you read it). It's just a bit long for a comment, so.

I've been through this too and it caused me several conflicts with myself. I'm not gonna say all this is a lie, because it's not. I just don't think it is completely this way.

I think we are all born with certain abilities and it's not that everyone is special, is that everyone is unique. No one will ever think they way someone else does, and that's our individuality.


I just got on here. IK a little late to the party like...three years. God damn.

Well I must be tall

Haven't had a blog since Tuesday because all my blogs are repeats of the previous ones. I was gonna make one on Friday but it would be just a crush one but I don't want to be know as the girl who is addicted to her crush so I didn't. All that happened was at lunch it was just our year group so I could see him easier and then in Quad, he either looking at me or my friend but I could tell he was looking in our direction because he was about a metre or two away so yeah. My friend was freaking out because someone sprayed her with boy's deodorant but my crush wasn't looking straight at her though.