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My friends are awesome

So my best friends and her family are throwing me a party on Saturday then my boyfriend and his family are taking me to laser tag AND my family still wants to throw a party like guys I don't need all this it's sweet of them though (I keep telling them I don't need a party or presents but they don't listen lol)

Sweet 16 turning sour

So I turn 16 soon and idk what to do! Idk what kind of party I should have cause like I'm all like "eh Idk" but my friends and family are like "omg we gotta do something big!" Can you guys gimme some ideas please!


So in my cultural arts class we are having a party for cinco de mayo... There will be food... Num


So I've kept A and AB honor roll all year long right? Well now my history teacher decided to give me a C!!!! A fucking C! I can't LIVE with a C! I bust my ass to keep good grades yet I HAVE A FUCKING C!!!!!!!!


hola everyone. so im wearing my party poision jacket today because why not? also im super bored so ya.