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I am kind of sad because they broke up- I do miss them as I am listening to them as I write this now. Wow, ok it's been 3 years now... They really were fricking awesome. I mourn but am also happy because they're happy now, with their own families. So thank you, Gerard, Mikey, Ray, Frank, Bob, James, Matt for showing me good music and being all around awesome.

To the best idea ever,

killjoys, make some noise! And lets celebrate this anniversary with pride!

March 22nd

its 3 years since my chem broke up
what can i say
im sad

March 22nd... The day music died

It's been three years since the day we all died a little inside... God I miss MCR

Party Poison drawing #1

A drawing I drew back in the summer (I think). I posted it on Twitter and Gerard favorited it