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Havent been on here since 2011....

People still post here??? Holy shit
Also holy shit @ 14 year old me's old blog posts.
Got Damn

music makes me happy

I'm used to the comments about the type of music I listen to from my parents and such obviously but my mum told my grandmother about the music I listen to and she started shouting at me today after school because I listen to it in the morning to get me hyped up.

I rant in most of my blogs so sorry but this made me so angry and I spent most of the day after pissed off I swear I couldn't even do my homework because of it because I couldn't concentrate I was so mad not to mention that school was awful today because of the kids there.

So basically what happened was that she started yelling at

Sorry bout not being on

I have not time anymore like I have soooo much work! So I sowwy

Weird day. I am weird though XD

Day, day, day! Let's go

First lesson - English: The computer broke for the first 10 minutes of the lesson so we just chatted. Nothing else.
Second lesson - Maths: So for some reason, people were asking others what their dads are called. Now they were doing this was because they were trying to find people with dads that have names that are really typical, like the first thing that comes to your head type names, so they could made a band out of them names 'The' [insert the town I live in] 'Dads'. So my dad has a typical name so when I said my dad's name, they laughed and added him to the list.

Show was amazing yesterday

I was at the show of Brian Fallon and Jared Hart yesterday
Brian Fallon And Jared gave a free instore show in afternoon! Amazing!!! The played 4 songs! Afterwards it was an autograph session for Brian! I asked him if i can also get one from jared, brian said yes and called him back^^ then I followed Jared to the record store ...kinda stalker^^.... to get a pic and talking to him! he is such a nice guy! oh and i got a selfie with him!!! im so happy!!!! he is so cute