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Asleep or Dead...?

Hello everyone! It's finally friday again! Wow, I can't seem to know how to describe this week. It felt like it went by so fast. I'm not sure how I feel about that either. I guess I have some stuff to talk about:
-Every Friday afternoon we have what you would call, roughly translating, 'Life' class. It's just half a block where we assemble the class with our headteacher and discuss stuff like school events and such.

Drowning in Space

Such a timid thing.
It is everywhere,
yet nowhere…
It is visible,
yet invisible.

Space is where
the Absence
of you is.
Space is the
that separates us.

The air is seen,
but not there.
It has left the
Space in my lungs.

Space engulfs the
ships at sea,
though we call it water,
Leaving no space for
Air in our lungs.

Space is a button
on a keyboard.
The white between
The silence of three

Jade Trisdale
2-26-16 11:34am

idek xD

hi i just rly want mcr back together ;-; pleas make it happennnnn

idek xD

hi i just rly want mar back together ;-; pleas make it happennnnn

~Even The Darkest Night Will End And The Sun Will Rise~

Hey guys! Hope you all had a nice day. It's Friday finally, woot woot! You guys know the drill by now:

Biology: Oh boy, I was STRESSED. At the beginning of class, our teacher announced that we were going to have a quiz at the end of the period. It wasn't really a pop quiz though because it was on the stuff we learned today, so we couldn't have prepared for it. Normally I wouldn't have been too worried because I love science and always pay attention.