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on February 27, 2018 - 12:25pm

so it's been a minute. feeling hella nostalgic as I'm about to go to college, and when i first signed up here i was a little baby middle school emo. i'm doing awesome, I've found something i love doing and I'm going to harrisburg to study it and I'm really excited for the new place and new experiences. and even though it seems like a million years ago since i was 12 and listened avidly to my chem and did all the stupid things i used to do, I'm thankful for it.

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on February 27, 2018 - 12:21pm

Mum called yesterday because no matter how hard i try to pretend that everything fine, even when theres a whole motorway and half the New Forest between us, she can still tell when something is up.
And somethings really up.
I'm so stressed with uni that I've managed to really bad relapse again, to the point where even telling my friends how i feel is petrifying.

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Vampire bikini fight club!!!!!!

on February 26, 2018 - 7:28am


How's that for a title! Really it has nothing to do with this blog but is the bare minimum plot of an anime I watched called kill la kill. It's super fan-servicey and over the top but it gets really deep and is amazing! I do recommend it but it's REALLY ADULT (17 minimum age) it's on Netflix with subtitles.

Anyways on to what I really want to blog about, I realize I'm an adult and can do pretty much whatever I want but I feel like I'm too old to say dye my hair or get a tattoo (I'm 25 but will be 26 on July 23) I don't really have an explanation for that feeling but I have it.

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It's been a while.

on February 24, 2018 - 6:33am

Hi there. I bet a lot of you guys have no idea who I am. I mean to be honest I'm a total nobody anyway. I used to write fan fiction and original stories and put them on here. That was way back in 2011 and 2012. I've matured considerably since then in both body and mind. I've graduated high school and I have a job and will be starting college hopefully in the fall.
If any of you remember me, I'm sure you notice my grammar has improved immensely along with my vocabulary. I was also only in the age range of 11-13 when I posted here religiously. A lot has changed since then.

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Dinner with the Fam.

on February 23, 2018 - 10:10pm

So today my sister in law called and asked if I wanted to join her, my brother and family out to the movies and dinner. Of course, I said yes. Maybe because we sometimes go daysss with out seeing each other and hey, I just felt like going out since I have not been out in a while. My brother's friend, and nephew picked me up, and we met my brother and sis in law at the restaurant. I noticed my brother arrive with a gift. My sister in law's bday is coming up soon, so I thought to myself, he had decided to go ahead and gift her an early bday present.