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When I get involved in something, I mean I get really involved

I think Instagram is fed up of me spamming March 22nd stuff. Already today I've posted 27 posts and 9 of them are videos. Some to do with my chem and some just to do with me. I privated my account again because I got floods of followers that I blocked.

Surprisingly I've only posted once on my fan account on tumblr. My Instagram is a personal account. So yeah. I've just left Instagram for now. I'll watch YouTube clips

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~


I am going to that Fall Out Boy concert in Wichita today. Focusing on the positive... But what is so negative about today? March 22, the day MCR broke up. I am happy for all of them. They all seem so happy now, with their solo albums, and new bands( that make VERY good music ) I've said it before and I'll say it again... If the band would have stayed together we would not have Frnkiero andthe Cellabration, Hesitant Alien, or Electric Century. Come on Ray, make some music! MCR was amazing, and it would've been great to have seen them live, but don't harass the ex-band members okay?

March 22

*sobbing but also happy listening to MCR all day* I'm so conflicted like I always am today, I thought the third time around it'd be better but no.... *cries*

three cheers for 3 years

welp guys, here it is. March 22nd. i hope all of you are okay. days like these can be sad, i know. but just remember they will always remember the impact that MCR had on peoples lives. including yours.
(incoming reasons why they helped me below)
they personally helped me when my aunt was in the hospital in 2014. they were the only band that could make me decently happy in such a crappy place, so i constantly had my headphones in. last july my grandfather passed away and all i remember is listening to bullets on repeat, especially Early Sunsets Over Monroeville.


I have been seeing tons of blogs already about this, but I wanted to say my piece. Today is the day that is the anniversary of the break up. Fans will never forget this date. All the social media has posts mourning this day as well as every one of my friends. I am paying tribute by blowing out my speakers by playing my favorite album (welcome to the black parade) And wearing all my buttons and merchandise I have. RIP