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What a surprise!

So a while back, I siad that my new year's resolution is to go to a concert or convention this year. Well I may be going to two. A Pierce the Veil concert (I hear a fangirling Eleanor) and Insomnia (games convention). I have asked to go to three others but 1. Panic! At The Disco sold out too quick. 2. Andy Black's concert I was too young for and 3. My dad wouldn't let me go to a comic con in London.

I'm New Here!

Hello Fellow MCR Fans,

I've been a fan of My Chemical Romance for a while now but I just never knew how to post a blog. How dumb can a person be! Anyways, Say Hi!!!! Haha. I'm just kidding. You don't have to. :P I've read the posts in the past few months and I think that it would be really cool if I posted on here regularly! I am now officially a blogger on this website! Yet somehow I feel like I am way more excited that I should be. Enough of me wasting your time! One last thing. I have a fan page on Instagram: _gerardarthurway_ Follow it if you'd like.

School, BF, TCFSR, Prom

Today I was discharged from my partial program! Woo! Tomorrow I start school again, after being absent for 2 months. I'm excited to see my friends and I really need to get back to school work. The term ends on Friday and term 5 starts on Monday so at least I get a fresh start.
Ace is having a hard time. He has a lot of internal struggles but also a lot of external shit happens to him that he doesn't deserve. I wish life was easier on him.
Did you guys know tomorrow (June 8th) is the 13th anniversary of three cheers for sweet revenge's release date??? TCFSR is officially a teenager as of

So long and goodnight Mr Hot Six-former


Well, it's been a while

I haven't had much to talk about but complaints and other things! So I'll try to start blogging again tonight, if I have time XD.