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who else is really fuckin pumped for G's comic stuff?

This is the Best Day Ever!!!!

on repeat on

found this beauty

"aweoh you guys are gonna make me blush!" :D (Gee)

Gee's Bday

So I'm back from my school trip to Crete, and with my friend we just have organised some things for sweet Gerard..If anyone has a tweeter account you can find us there...Has anyone done or planned something for his Bday? :D

I feel like a confused trashcan

Basically what the title says.


so thinking of buying some MCR merch.
Realized I have not been on here for three years. haha dang.
Just thought I would drop by and say "hi".
Hope everyone is doing well and taking care of oneself.
Also, remember to love yourself and be kind to all.
Live life to the fullest.

<3 Marisol_21 <3