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I will forever stay waiting for the day that MCR anounces a reunion D,X MCR we want you back!

story time with neon heart (aka me)

So as the title clearly says (unless you can't read which means you can't read this either and that's awful) I'm going to tell you a short story about when I met my favourite YouTuber and acted so awkward it's awful.

Right so basically I was and still am a fangirl. It's bad. Honestly, I think I need to go to a psychiatrist or something because I don't think it's normal at this level. It was like yesterday a year ago that I was at this hotel for lunch and it was really fancy and I found out that one of my favourite YouTubers ever was there and obviously I tried to meet him.

3 days until the best day of my life

Hai guys so as the title claims on the 8th of April (I think it is 3 days) I get till I go and see my favourite band ever which is muse as some of you know...I am getting very annoyed right now as Sarah is teasing me with some disgusting looking cake ¬-¬ she now knows I don't eat

Sarah's QOTD is would you like a piece of my cake? ;)

see you later
-eleanor <3 xxooxxooxx

Looking for Mad Gear and Missile Kid

Recently I've been trying to find a physical copy of the Mad Gear and Missile Kid ep, and I haven't had any luck. All I've been able to find is a an eBay posting from 2011. I already know my chances are very slim, but does anyone have an extra copy or know of somebody selling one? I already checked and iTunes doesn't have it for sale on the store sadly, and I don't really wanna pull it from YouTube if I can help it. Thanks!

My short poem for my English class...

Good evening my little demons, and welcome to poem time. Instead of a story today, I would like to share a poem that I wrote for my English class today.


They call me good.
They call me bad.
My nickname is strong.
My nickname is broken.

I am the wind behind the wings of the mighty.
I am the darkness that haunts the scared.
I laugh in the face of criminals.
I cry when I confront my demons.

I am considered white.
I am considered black.
I am the heavens and the deepest of blue skies.
I am the inner circles of the never ending void.

I am a mortal human.
I am an immortal creature.