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I know that you guys have your own problems and I'm not asking for any advice or psychological support or something, I just wanna tell someone about what's going on....I'm feeling depressed again,betrayled,hopeless,hurt and alone...even my boyfriend can't help me and I don't know if in the 2,5 years that we're having a relationship if he ever realy learned anything about me at all..I started again smoking and at last I was thinking again about suicide......Hope your day is better than mine :)

Radio Station

So there is this radio station near where I live at that still play MCR songs well today well tonight they played The Ghost Of You and that's literally my favorite song well I caught it at the very end which happens a lot anyway I started crying because there was so many emotions going through me at that time and my mum now thinks I'm possibly crazy because she doesn't understand my love for that song and the boys. Does anybody else think I'm crazy for crying over missing my favorite song by my favorite band?

Sum 41 - Pieces (Cover)

Big Credits to:
-Sum 41 (for existing in my life. And hope you're feeling better, Mr. Whibley)
-Squad Studio (for making this game!!! This is one of the best space simulation game I ever played, I swear!!!)

Aaaah~ After a year, I'm baaack. It's time to put out some shit on Youtube!!!!
...because that's all I have in the garbage I've been living in...

Joke aside, last year I have been focusing on my college stuffs and the music stuffs I've done were uploaded on Soundcloud because making videos take time and effort....which is why this video came out a month late as promised (I don't think I

Havent been on here since 2011....

People still post here??? Holy shit
Also holy shit @ 14 year old me's old blog posts.
Got Damn

music makes me happy

I'm used to the comments about the type of music I listen to from my parents and such obviously but my mum told my grandmother about the music I listen to and she started shouting at me today after school because I listen to it in the morning to get me hyped up.

I rant in most of my blogs so sorry but this made me so angry and I spent most of the day after pissed off I swear I couldn't even do my homework because of it because I couldn't concentrate I was so mad not to mention that school was awful today because of the kids there.

So basically what happened was that she started yelling at