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Hey Killjoys! you can catch up with me on my tumblr or instagram!
Tumblr: @ceats
Instagram: @heavydirty.romance
pop into my tumblr messages anytime! i'd love to meet some of you :)

Stay alive and never stop running,
Chloe xx

Two Posts In One Day? (Good Day Gone Bad)

Hey guys. I usually don't post twice. But I posted a blog earlier today before my day completely fell apart. And ever since it fell apart I just needed to talk to someone. So I decided I'd come here. Because you guys are so kind and helpful.
Man... I guess we'll start at lunch. I went home for lunch like I usually do. And had a fairly good lunch. But on the way back to school shit happened. I was driving to school, when I pulled onto the entrance to the parking lot I saw a car pulled off to the side. Cars were passing it angrily. But it struck me as strange.

Bad Hair Day (which will turn into a week I'm sure)

So I got a haircut today. I hate it. We tried out a new stylist and I told her exactly what I told our old stylist and she messed it up. It looks way too girly for me and she cut off way too much. So now my hair is a permanent resident of my beanie until it grows back. (Or until school starts back and the no beanie rule deems that impossible)

Also she was really condescending to me. She asked me if I air try or blow dry my hair and I said air dry and she said that she could tell in a nasty voice.

sorry long time no post

dont always know what you write...okay let me think

well....i still have to write some papers, finished one of 5....not that great
and other university stuff i still have to do....kinda sucks, because normaly i have vac and instead of relaxing i have to write papers....yay!!! kinda sucks
but well cant change it, have to go through this anyway

kinda excited for the show of jared nxt month :D which will be amazing!!!

well think thats it for now


Drawing Is Hard + Tests + Legend For A Day

Oh MAN, it's been a long day but I'm glad that's over. I don't have much to report since I spent the majority of my day at school (I got out at around 6pm) and I don't have much time since I have to review for my Science test tomorrow. Jumping straight into it:
-I was killing time at french class because we spent all classes with oral presentations from people who didn't do their presentation last wednesday like I did. So while I was listening to the presentations I got the opportunity to check on some maths formulas and try to draw a little, nothing too special. Speaking of which:
-I had