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It's 2:32a.m. in Texas and I am supposed to be asleep. Hello! I guess this is what you call my very first blog. I guess I should try and go to sleep. Thanks for listening and I hope to get to meet internet friends here in the future! GN! Oh, and my name is Astrid!

Gerard And Frank's Solo Albums?

What are your thoughts on their solo albums? I personally am loving them still even though I found them about a year ago.
Gerard Way - Hesitant Alien
frnkiero andthe cellabration - Stomachaches

Fave MCR songs discussion

I just want to know what is your fave MCR song?
I really like Destroya, the build up into it, the lyrics, it's just an amazing song. I also really like This is how I Disapear. I like that one for the intro too though. What about you tho???


Well done David. This is a post that will get uploaded once a day so you do not lose it in the waves of fans'.

SC: DavidsTest4034
Password: Same as Twitter.

You are getting close.......NOT!

What Are Some Things That Make You Happy?

Hello everyone! Currently, I am pretty happy with life at the moment. Schools out and that means a whole lot of stress has been taken off of my shoulders. I have been drawing way more and watching Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, and Game Grumps. They have made me really happy lately and that's good. I really don't want to make this all about myself though, so I'm going to ask: What are some things that make you happy?