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I just heard someone sneezing and I'm the only one in the classroom... Bless you?

It's been already a week since my last post. Idk, I just feel like there's nothing interesting enough to post everyday. But I try to read and/or comment everyday :)

I'm wearing a skirt today. I don't usually wear skirts, not that I don't like them (I love them), but they don't feel so comfortable for me. Specially because I am used to sit on the floor and stuff. I also couldn't run today because I'm wearing heels and forgot my sneakers. I didn't had coffe today either, but I feel just fine, so it doesn't matter much.

Yesterday my mom brought home a four liter ice cream bucket.

Good humor

This week I've been in such a good humor :)
I think the reason is that a huge weight was lifted from our shoulders because we sold a house that we wanted to sell for almost 2 years.
Also I don't know if it has to do with my good mood, but I've been watching a lot of Dan and Phil and whenever I watch their videos I feel happy for the rest of the day and I realized that some things I was concerned about had no sense at all or weren't that important,
Also MCR, Frank Iero and P!ATD have a lot to do with it, because I've been hearing more of them and when I hear them I just feel happy.
How has

good morning

It probably is not morning for some of you, so, good day!

Again, that title-thing... day 2, I'd say!

Hello everyone!

Today was, and still is, a day of many weird thoughts and some productive work, actually!

I really sat down and got some things done! I CAN still surprise myself, after all :D
And I have to say, it really makes me feel good. I haven't been doing much studying at all for about the last few weeks, and it really feels nice to be productive again... even if it's just some boring stuff for university.

But I also got along great with Schubert today ... I'm playing in a small piano concert at the local school of music tomorrow.

What's the point

Don't give a fuck anyone