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Hi human beings and others,
I am new here, I think.
Talk you later, maybe.

Springsteen cancelled the concert in North Carolina

he cancelled it because of this bathroom law...
well i totally disagree with his decision, i mean why cancellin the whole show, he only punished his own fans! i mean this didnt stop the law at all

what do you think about it?

Hi! I'm Haley!

Uh..... Hi! I'm Haley And I'm New, I know I'll Be On Here A Lot!

Post No. 7934225 (Can You Tell I'm Mad?)

Okay, I get it, the spam filter hates me. The whole post will be in the comments because I have gone through a thousand edits and it still triggers the spam filter. Sorry about that everyone.


Acoustic night...

Hello everyone! I have had a surprisingly good day today, which makes me feel a lot happier than yesterday which is great. Today one of my teachers came up to me and gave me some great news which I would love to share with you guys as well!

Let us begin...

So, my music teacher came up to be today and asked if I wanted to be apart of our schools little gig that we are doing! OF COURSE I SAID YES.... (Ive just realized how short this post is going to be..)
I honestly can't wait for it. Me and a couple of friends are going to be playing car radio together and Im playing the key board.