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Art Show!

Today was my school's art show and I had 6 pieces in the exhibit. I mean I don't particularly like much of my art cuz I'm a perfectionist so I can nEVER please myself, but my art teacher said I'm very talented which is cool. I made one MCR themed piece as well. This is just gonna be a short blog cuz I have to finish my homework, but if anyone wants to see it, I'll link to my twitter in the comments.

Also the guy I always rant about who fucked up my life got cheated on again so that's rad. I know that sounds so horrible but he treats women like shit so he deserves it.


So it's sol week and everything is fucked up. I took my biology yesterday (I think I did good), I took my geometry one today (it suuuuuuuucked), and I'm taking my history one tomorrow... Ugh I wanna go home...

4 Cara Kendalikan Diri Belanja di Toko Online Indonesia

Banyaknya penyedia layanan toko online Indonesia memberikan keuntungan atau bahkan kerugian tersendiri bagi konsumen. Keuntungan belanja secara virtual sudah tentu beragam dan menjadi point yang memanjakan para konsumen. Namun dibalik keuntungan-keuntungan yang ada transaksi online bisa memberikan efek yang sebaliknya. Terutama dari segi kemudahan menumbuhkan rasa lapar mata dalam berbelanja sehingga asal membeli mana yang sekiranya menarik. Kondisi yang seperti ini tentu bagi beberapa orang membuat kalap belanja dan tidak baik bagi situasi keuangan.

Terlebih lewat toko online dengan mudah

Writing about Gerard :)

One more kinda big thing I forgot (which is why I made a separate post) is that in English, we have to write a research paper on someone who has positively impacted the world, so of course I chose Gerard. :P I would have chosen all of MCR but Mr. K said only one person, and as you guys know, I relate to Gee the most. It's awesome cuz I get to watch LotMS and reread Not the Life It Seems for my homework! XD Wish me luck!

G <3