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im fuckin confused


this site not fun to navigate. Hopefully they update it...

I don't get notified when you guys leave me comments. So your best bet is to reach me on tumblr: mcr-mom

Please don't take it personally if I don't follow back. I'm very picky so if you post alot of stuff I don't like, post fics, or if you're super young (I'm 25 >_< ) I probably won't follow. I don't even follow some of my IRL friends lol

XBOX live????

if anyone wants to play games or talk i have an xbox 360 with xbox live. just if anyone wants to play gta or black ops or something like that message me on xbox! my gamer tag is xXLily slaysXx


Okay...So when i ws riding my bike training more a track meet Planetary came on my Pandora and just to happened that i was sweating like crazy.
Like what the fudge


I'm probably entirely wrong, but who else agrees that maybe MCR is returning. I mean the community page has returned, the tours page talks about UPCOMING tours and so I think they could be coming back. Who else thinks this? Or am I just desperate..
Lara xx