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Stressful day/new sign off?

So today was a bit of a bad day for me, and I still have loads of work to do, so I'll try to make this post short. I don't know if this happens where you go to school, but where I go, the teachers seem to pile on all of the work right before the end of term.

ignorance is bliss, acknowledgement is arrogance

i am so sick and tired of being a young and impressionable child whose opinions are null and void because i am still forming my opinions and finding myself and becoming informed and educated.
i am so sick of being ignorant.
its even worse when you acknowledge the fact that you are ignorant, and you don't know anything, and you keep going through life questioning every decision you make and every idea you have, because you wonder if you'll regret it later.
and yeah, i know, "live in the present don't worry about the future", but honestly, the present sucks, and the future is all i have to hold

get to know you/creepy websites

Hey guys! First off I wanted to thank Pinkish Madness and Grcmeise for replying to my blog in morse code! Seeing you guys go along with my use of morse code really lighted up a bad day. I think I might use morse code in the future if the subject could be upsetting, so that people don't read something they don't want to read by mistake. I'll still follow the site's guidelines though, don't worry :)
I really want to get to know all of you more.

I'm tired af = strange blog

So as you may or may not be able to tell by the title, I'm pretty fucking tired. I've had a really long week so far. I've got a short break tonight but it picks up again tomorrow. I haven't been getting as much sleep, so I'm kinda the sleep-deprived version of myself, which could be compared to being a drunk version of myself in that I'll probably see this blog later when I've had some more sleep and think, "wtf? did I really write this shit?" But I've never been drunk before so I honestly don't know what drunk me looks like.

Anyways, my mind started wandering today and I remembered a blog

Zero Gravitation

(gravity, don't mean too much to me~)

I recently found out about a new band that I've really been digging. They're called, as you can probably tell, Zero Gravitation. Their EP Rule the World came out a few weeks ago. They're a lot more chill and relaxing than MCR, but sometimes you need more calming music. I think if you like Electric Century, Troye Sivan, or Halsey maybe, then you might like them. They've got a new video and song coming out soon, so that'll be the first new thing of theirs that I hear. Oh, and they're German, so that's cool. :)

Question: if you were to form a band (or if you