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we built a world

we're just so cool and thorough, I feel like we've built not just a community but a whole WORLD. we have culture (art, music, literature, created an appearance appearance). we have society (sites like this, mating calls liek spread the pinky, trust, support, community, bases where we can find each other like this site). I feel like we have built so much, and we built so much on our own, without the bad even helping. the mcrmy is so developed and so kind and so loving and creative.

MCR References are always funny

"Nothing is worth hurting yourself over and nothing is worth taking your life over." -Gerard Way. Just thought I'd add that to the start of my blog today. Has nothing to do with it, but I felt like posting that quote.

Anyways, I wanted to share a really funny story of something that happened today.

I'm in this club at my school called Battle of the Books, where we read twelve books throughout the course of the year and have a competition with other schools at the end of the year with questions over those books.

Think Happy Thoughts...

It's that time of the day again, so gather 'round the fireplace guys. I got some thoughts to share and I don't know where this train might go, but what I know is that I've been waiting for a time where I can decompress 100%. Also I think I'm just stalling this post already for whatever reason so let's get to it.
First of all: Lately more than ever, I feel like I've been unable to describe my thoughts and feelings for things around me in general and it's throwing me off.

Pretty Chill Day Today

Hey guys! Just wanted to post a quick blog about today, it was pretty chill actually.
Zero - helping the teacher.
Culinary - doing our final project (why are we starting this early? school lets out in May)
Spanish - supposed to take a test but Señora's printer broke and so we watched a movie instead.
Break - the usual.
English - watched a movie
History - taking a test. It was an essay! I hooe I did alright, I know the stuff but hopefully my writing is, y'know, legible...
Lunch - the usual.
Physics - taking a test. I got a C, 11/15. I think that was pretty good for me.
Math - taking a quiz.

School Love

These endless thoughts
of you.

Doodling pictures
in a notebook.

Love letters,
Morning coffee
that’s cold.

Being the rebels
we are.

dealing with these

trying to keep each other

the endless embrace
of death…

Poetry by Jade Trisdale 2-26-16 9:08am

I don't really like the title of this one. If you guys can think of something, go ahead and let me know! It's not my best form of poetry, but I haven't posted one in a while.