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Maladaptive Daydreaming

Is anyone here a Maladaptive Daydreamer? It's a condition (not an officially recognized condition yet) where one daydreams excessively or too much. I just want to know if anyone has the same condition as me.


I am very happy to have joined this site! I still don't quite know how to completely work this site such as adding friends, etc., but I look forward to learning all I can! For some reason, I keep getting a message that this post has triggered the spam filter and thus it will not be accepted. I do not know why that is at all, but I have a possible solution. It could be that my mere



letter to you all is too small. Because of this theory, I shall write to you all a letter that may ramble on and circle around at times.



It's raining and it smells amazing

I love the smell of rain, don't you guys? All the windows in the house are open and it just smells fantastic. Everything is turning green too. I live in a fairly woods-y area and seeing everything finally turn green (my favorite color!) after several months of winter is really nice.

I'm going to my grandparents for dinner in a little bit, but right now I'm working on both a KJ fanfic and an original story while avoiding writing a speech about common core standards, so I'm definitely taking my laptop with me.

Oh I also finally bought an iTunes giftcard, so I'm definitely gonna buy some


Hi I know that this is a fan based website but if any of you know how to get into contact with the band members or one of them sees this I would like to contact them about a very important matter. I doubt I will get a response but its worth trying.
Thank you