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I need more friends like me lol I only have a handful of friends that like the same stuff as me most of the people I know are into rap and hate my emo soul so I suppress it because they say I'm weird and emo ;-;

Drones European Tour 2016

Hai guys long time no see huh? anyway as stated in my last blog I went to see muse on the 8th of April and it was absolutely amazing ! It was probably the best night of my life. The opening show was freaking awesome with the LED lights and 360 degree spinning stage *-* Plus Matt broke his guitar in the first five minutes >.< bless his little mosher socks ^-^ anyway I bought a tour shirt with the drones album cover on and the signed album *o*

Me and jenny are planning on going to slam dunk on may 28th so wish me luck

see you later
-Eleanor <3

Wait... I have friends?

I've been spending most of my time messaging people on Talk and To The End, oh and Twitter, so I didn't make a blog yesterday. Not much happened yesterday anyway so I'll make a blog tonight.

~Charlotte, Charlottie~

i hate my body

a valiant fucking return.
as i "writ" this, hives crawl around my skin. i was itching for hours like nobody's business and i am quite successfully triggering myself right now. lmao. welcome to body dysmorphia. so, since i got fucked over and my hair is shoulder length again, i've been super worried about being misgendered by strangers / more likely to be read as a girl at first instance. i was surviving off knowing that it would take a second glance to read me as a girl but now that's fucked. so, it's been dysphoria day today.

hi there...

So, long story short, I joined the MCRmy in 2015 and that really sucks.