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Why I love them so much

Hi guys
It's so weird but in my country is midnight and I'm going to wake up so early but I writing something here. I will be so tired but well.
I'm not a someone who has a big problem with himself. I just sometimes feeling so bad and unloved. When I listening to MCR music I feeling like all members just giving me a big hug. I love what they did for us with their music. They makes me stronger and gives me some hope for good life. I was never meeting music like their, which giving me that feelings - happines, sadness, strong.

Anyone out there?

Hi...I need someone to talk to? I'm getting all emotional over idk stuff involving mcr it's not even funny.
if you wanna help send me a message at my tumblr Iero-frankie

Still Here (also Frank!)

Hey y'all

I know I haven't been on in forever. But im here again so hi. I saw Frank in concert, and well I cried. Anywho,, the show I went to was one of the few where he did not do a meet and greet or take any pictures/do signings so that sucked. honestly that was probably the best night of my life.

it was really weird to see him about three feet away from me. Ive seen him on so many screens that he looked surreal.

currently in microeconomics

Hi guys!
So I haven't been posting in a while! Mostly cuz I've been practicing for a play and avoiding life like the plague. I have homework I can't decide if I really want to do.
My roommate is next to me. She says hi too.
Hello darkness, my old friiends

listing of events

I don't feel like writing a blog. so I'll just do a list of thoughts and occurrences from the day.

why did i just spend an hour watching scene kids do makeup
only five days left of partial
got hair bleach
maybe i'll wear a skirt tomorrow
or maybe not
i think i'll do neon makeup tomorrow. that would be fun.
school on monday for the first time ion ~2 months. yikes.
made a few bracelets today
i don't know how i feel right now
i never know how i feel
i wish i didn't dissociate so much
my dog is really great
i want more dogs
those videos made me want to be a scene kid again. yikes
i'm glad i'm not