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I'm about to get on the plane to get to a lacrosse tournament. I was bored so I came on here
Kik me- Clare_jm


omg xD sorry for that much posts, i swear my Htc one is a jerk sometimes. I still love him :3. anyways! I just got accepted on my favorite high school and im sooooo happy! If anyone wants to talk ill be on kik and Tumblr :p
stay classy San Diego


okay so all that stuff about mcr getting back together is making me sad bc franks tweet like ok kill me then

it was suicide!!!

the plane crash was suicide of the co-pilot :O
really terrible to kill so many people......

my thoughts go to all the families of the victims

Not really bored

I swear it's the end of the world for me at this time of the day, so i'm supposed to be working on a project right now (no it's not for school, chill out) but I simply don't want to and have so much other stuff to be doing right now that would be a lot more fun, so which should I chose, Usless Work? or Yay Fun Time?