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I'm back

Well I never really left but I haven't posted a blog in about a month. I haven't abandoned the website or anything, I just haven't had anything to write about lately. I'll try to start writing everyday again from now on I guess.

N E W !!

Hello, killjoys!
I just made an account, literally I love MCR since I was 10 but now I'm 19.
2013 is the hardest year because they're broke up.
But that's okay for me because they're happy with their solo project, and also Gerard is very healthy right now, I'm very happy!!
I'm like a proud mom!

However, MCR saved my life wit their lyrics. REALLY
If you ask me how much my love for them, I'll you that the limit doesn't exist.

Charista :)x

sorry, if I'm such a trash.


Huge wannabe poser v late to the emo bandwagon because it's a little before my time. I'm in fucking college and I hate it
Sad :)

i made a tumblr account

So yeah I like the idea of blogs and I have always loved tumblr and the photos on there. Even though people have warned me about the dangers of it and how dark it truly is I decided to make it anyway because I'm dead on the inside anyway so fuck it. My blog username is myneonheart so yeah go follow me on there or else leave your users in the comments and I'll follow! I follow everyone back c:

Thank you for reading! Hope you have/had a good day and keep running, killjoys x


So I just created an account because I love MCR and couldnt be emo at age 6 so i'm emo now that they're not together :)

Also I'm trash.