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Gee! Gee cmere! I need your mojo juju now!

Hey, Vinny! I just googled your nameo properly! I sorry I didnt do it before! Who the fuck knows what jujus I missed eating because I googled the wrong nameo again!
According to google relevancy, you are a sweetie sweetsweet! I cant believe you said that. "Yes, i dont know, yes"???!?!?!?!? You are so fucking romantic. I am so impressed. I thought you just killed ppl for a living. You know, like Conner from Angel. I had no idea that you and your gohst girlfreind were that famously in love, i thought everyone thought you were in fake love with you fake digital wife.

we did it!

So, I brought the kiddies today to my meeting at the house. I own the house now, I hear. No papers. I love it. (144 000 and counting!) And, really, the bitch is just curious cause she *knows* who we are. And I have already told ppl there, that we are working on a move, at lately I been telling them, the kiddies say, Christmas tyimes! So, this bitch wanna hear the same thing from babes mouths.
Now, I went a little into my recent history, reititerated my education status and qualifications are quite apparent to those who can see me. So I am legal and am legally exempt.

10 years of tbp

Yes I realize I am a day late but I was so busy yesterday! At least I found time to listen to the album (and MCRX of course!) but I honestly can't believe it's been ten years. Sadly, I was too young to listen to the album because at that time I was listening to princess songs and all that but yeah I still remember seeing them on TV and stuff, which is weird, considering I was 4. But yeah happy 10 years, The Black Parade! This album definitely shall live on for eternity.
Hope you have/had a good day and keep running, killjoys (and soldiers... ? Is that what TBP fans are called? Idk) x

10 years and 1 day

Happy (late) birthday Black Parade!!!! Fuckin love that album.


Im new the McRx jaket tho