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So I just created an account because I love MCR and couldnt be emo at age 6 so i'm emo now that they're not together :)

Also I'm trash.



I sit Alone in a quiet room, on the edge of a breakdown, Tell me what I'm missing, what could I do; I'm so Afraid of what I've Become.

And when I think of you, Do you realize I still miss you? What have I done, I can't change; though I wanted to.

I'm all alone in a quiet room and I think about you everyday. Do you even realize I still love you?

Are you happy with who you're with, do you even care about me anymore?

Tell me what I'm missing I can't seem to get over you.

What have I done to make you hate me so much? I don't want to loose you, even though I think I already have.

Introduction {to a piece of trash} :)

Hey guys!
I just joined this website since i just realized i can make an account here lmao. well anyway im gaby, im basic fandom trash : MCR, PATD, PTV, Markiplier, Dan and Phil, and Undertale. if you want to be my friend (since im lonely) message me :) kay bye


so hello! im the new one here. um, i rlly adore mcr, you have no idea... idk but i think that im the only one who cries over them cuz i want them back?! BUT IM NOT SOFTIE HAHAHA

Come Back

Just come back!!!