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Miss My Chemical Romance

I really want MCR to get back together or even start hanging together because I miss seeing them all together creating music which makes us all feel something, I really do miss seeing them in magazines and on TV



art and inspiration playlist

I made a playlist to listening to when I'm arting. however, it has 154 songs and I'm not posting all of those so here's the highlights:
1. searchlight - aurora
2. cardiac arrest - bad suns
3. i still think - darren criss
4. shit luck - days n daze
5. sex changes - dresden dolls
6. she's so high - everclear
7. anne arbour - the get up kids
8. normal - the homeless gospel choir
9. sellout song - johnny hobo and the freight trains
10. the beer - kimya dawson
11. from here to utopia - pat the bunny
12. Áîãî›îäèöà, Ïóòèíà ï›îãîíè - pussy riot

theres just a few songs from it
thanksgiving was fine.

Band Update

So practice will happen in a garage but the first music video is gonna be shot inside an old mansion that's haunted and falling in. Can't wait to begin.

more dog, thanksgiving, boredom

hey fellas
rainy day. been making patches all day. hanging out with salsa (thats what we call her) today I hope. we're planning on going to the thrift store. I have a pre-adoption consult on next Friday to help me figure out what type of dog would fit my needs, my disability, my activity level, ect. the woman i talked to suggested i either meet jack the dog and not adopt him without going home and thinking about it or putting off meeting jack until after the consult. I think I want to meet jack decide about getting him later.