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Ultra Mega Supper Emo Fun Time

Has anyone been like, super obsessed with "I brought My Bullets, You Brought Your Love" in the past like, three weeks? Much vampires, Many Small Mirrors. Also skipped my senior panoramic today, that was pleasent!

hot topic raid!

So I sorta skipped school yesterday. (Just kidding, I had a dentist appointment. I'm not that much a badass.) And then I raided Hot Topic. Got shirts! MCR, Hesitant Alien, Green Day and Fall Out Boy. Helena happened to start playing in the store. The only staff member there started singing along and it was amazing. So long, and good morning, lovely Killjoys.

Im louder than god's revolver (..and twice as shiny)

hello killjoys! How are y'all on this rainy evening?I just felt like popping by and wish every single one of you good luck in this week :3 idek. So im seeing a lot of new faces around here and thats cool! Also, i just got an MCR vinyl and omergawd i love it!

goodbye you boys and girls from all over the globe,

Sebastián. Signing off.


I spend a lot more time on Tumblr than I do on this site so you guys can comment your urls below if you want and I'll follow you! ^.^

oh well

I got my hopes up for a tiny reunion. But now we have a new GUITAR HERO game, which is cool. I'm more excited about Gee's hair. I freaking love it. :)
Peace out, Killjoys.