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This is my first ever post on this page and I don't know what to say so. HIII.

It's Been a While

Sorry I haven't been active for awhile. I've been busy with school work and grades. I guess I'll have to try and catch up with recent news.

Half Day

Hey guys! Ran out of time to post a blog yesterday, so here’s what happened:

Half day at school
Biology: Checked on one of our bean plants for the last time before we threw them out. We’re still growing two to examine phototropism and geotropism in the stems of the plants. One of the guys who sits across from me didn’t want to throw his out, so he took them home instead. He didn’t even take a cup or anything; he just carried the beans around for the rest of the day. XD

Study hall: Replied to some blogs

English: Finished re-editing our short stories, then submitted them.

Geometry: We are a day

Hi everyone!

Well I won't say something new but I just wanted y'all to know that mcr isn`t just a band for me. Their love and support helped me to survive the hard times and I wanna say a big big THANKS for everything. They gave me hope and took it away... Anyway I love them so much and I hope that mcr helped you once and forever. Remember that it's not a band, it's an IDEA❤️have a nice day/night/smth else and sorry for my bad English (I am Russian)

Performing infront of the whole school. >_<

Hey guys. Trinity here.
So soon I'm going to be doing an assembly at school about self esteem. I've already made the power point and made up a game to involve the audience. After I've finished the assembly and people are starting to be dismissed I'm going to perform a mcr song. I might do welcome to the black parade or sing. I'm not sure yet. Please leave some suggestions in the comments. Thx byeee
XD ~Trinity xxx