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Nobody cares

I'm dying inside...nobody cares about anything or anyone but themselves...someone save me

So confused

I'm bay May or may not b cheating on me...

I'm so lost in this world.......

i dont even know what im doing.... i continued texting him..... he says he still loves me.... but i dont believe it.....not after the things that went through my mind.... but i told him i still loved him... im sorry.. im just always so insecure... so fucked up and insecure... and sorry.... i can never apologize enough for the shit i have put everyone in my life through.... i am so... so very sorry.... I told him this... he's read my journal... he's read some of the shit that goes though my mind during the day.... it's horrible.... and i will never be able to apologize enough for putting him through that.... subjecting him to my own house of mirrors.... i need some sleep now... this time without the possibility of an overdose on sleeping pills.... i need some natural rest... goodbye all... for now...

To a vote!!!

Ok, so, I have the lyrics to my bands ep that we will release either late this year or early next. The track list is (in an undecided order):
1. Forgiveness over permission
2. Death row kings
3. Rusty bullets
4. Nightmares
5. I walk the line (Johnny Cash cover)
6. Lets host my funeral! (And don't forget the lights)

And were throwing up our album title to a vote guys! So, just say witch you like best and let us know! THANK YOU!

1. Don't forget the lights
2. Sleep
3. Time to say good bye
4. Wish the monsters away
5. Last call
6. Lets host a funeral