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Happy Birthday Gerard Way!

Well, I've already posted this on Twitter, but it never hurts to overcompliment and admire our incredible sleep lord right?? So here's what I wrote for him on this glorious day:

Happy Birthday Gerard!

This one is an early one for me...

I am breaking out of my normal routine just to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY GERARD !!!!

I love you with all of my heart and I hope the future is bright for you. Keep on working with your comics and stuff, and always remember never fade in the dark.

Again, I love you gerard!

birthday wishes Ryan :)

(there will be another story at the usual time today, I just had to do this...)

Gerard's birthday

Our little fabulous sparkly sassy angry cupcake is 39 today! Not so little anymore. The worst thing is that there's only a little bit more than 2 months between him and my mother! They're the same age and it hurts. Gerard could literally be my father

But anyways I haven't done anything for Gerard's birthday because I can't draw or anything hopefully I'll send him fan mail soon but it will obviously not be for his birthday because I didn't manage to finish what I planned :/

This blog is quite short because I literally have no idea of what to say but yeah happy birthday Gerard even though I

HB Gerard !

I only want to wish a happy birthday to Gerard, and thank him again for the strenght he gave me to face my fears and become a singer :).


general update - unreliable and new name?

So this is a little blog about an annoying aspect of myself that some of you might relate to and me wanting to use a name on here that's not actually my own.
Basically, I don't know if unreliable is the right word, but I'm something of the sort. Part of this is, like, my hyper sensitivity and how quickly my mind and mood tends to change. Because of the aforementioned tendencies I have, I can be a bit um...spontaneous, unpredictable..yeah that's right. I might be so upset by legitimately the smallest thing and just abandon the people I'm with.