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PLease be a tour

I don't know how to feel about this:/


I was just getting over MCR then this shiz happened! GEESUS WAY THIS BETTER NOT BE A FALSE ALARM!!!!

mental breakdown

my chem saved my life if they are back together i am going to have a heart attack omg i am so happy


I got in MCR a year ago which is nothing compared to some of these people but if they do have a tour I won't need to find out how time travel works !


i really don't think i would be able to sleep cause of the big news i wonder if it is a reunion tour if actually they are coming back from beyond the grave! My heart is racing out of my chest that is how much i wont be able to stop think about this if it is a reunion tour i will buy those mother fucking ticker right when they hit the hit ticket master!!!!!!! My life will never be the same after this!!!!