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A day of a killjoy.

I don't know what to do with this date.

Oh look I'm emo again.

I don't know what to do. I'm falling into another existential crisis again.
This is not okay.
I don't know the meaning of anything any more.
What even.
I can't.
I have a life to be an idiot with.
I'm gonna take a nap now.
It's 1:45am what am I even doing.

MCR true? A possible tour...

I..would simply die if I got the chance to see you in concert...

My Spidey Senses are Tingling!

Whilst a tour would be lit, I'd rather have an alive, healthy, functioning, amazing, multi-talented Gerard Way than a full blown reunion.

Seriously, I left this life behind like many others years ago and still listen to old tracks for nostalgia. I now have students I teach that love MCR and weren't born when I was following them around the world.

I'm now a super professional teacher, have a normal hair colour, don't back comb my hair, don't own black eyeshadow anymore, have thrown away all my wrist bands, taken out my piercings and only use my merch for special ocassions.

The MCR fandom are

Well That Didn't Help

Took a nap for like... an hour, to see if that would help and what not...
I'm not going to be able to sleep for two months.... two.... fucking... months. Jesus Christ, MCRX.
I Brought You My Bullets, Your Brought Me Two Months Of Waiting For Fucking Anything To Happen While I'm Just Leisurely Loosing My Fucking Mind Over Here But S'all Good

Jesus fucking Crust. Yes - crust. Even watching SPN didn't help.... nnnnnnnnnnghga;nviruvpiuenuvn