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im tired and bored please help me


It's been so long since I have been on here, I am surprised to see people still post on this site, that's cool though

School was awesome (sarcasm is my greatest skill)

Sup guys. Trinity here. So ny ex is jealous of my current boyfriend and was taking the mick out of Jake (My bf) saying he doesn't have a dick cuz he's an emo. But Conner (my ex) barely talked to me, refused to hug me or hold my hand, and when we were first going out me, him and my friend Lachlan were walking and he was trying to see through girls tops and look at their bra. Jake doesn't do that. He loves me for who I am. He hugs me when I'm sad, cares for me when I sick and is just down right amazing.

But anyways...
Stay safe, stay awesome stay beautiful and peace out my little killjoys xx


So at a certain age in the British education system you take a series of exams to get grades which decide your entire life. Now being at that age every single week I am either reminded about a test or have to take one and guess what I have to complete one that is four hours long. what fun. Luckily the hours are split up or else I would crumble. The education system sucks.

No Biology today

Hi guys. Today I'm skipping my biology class. Why? I didn't do homework and I'm just not in the mood of handling the teacher who seems to dislike me a bit. So I'm in the school gym, watching videos on Youtube. I have free hours before and after biology, so i'll be having three consecutive free hours today. Now, that's relaxing.
The only class I've had so far has been visual arts and we saw surrealism. I really like that class, so it doesn´t matter it is my first one everyday at 7am.