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IT'S MY MCR BIRTHDAY1!!!!1 this day in 2013, when I was a wimpy little 8th grader, I made my account here! that was probably the best decission I ever made <3 now It's been 3 years and I still post every day, just like I did during my first and seccond year on this site. I've made so many friends here and have even met one of them irl!! this website is my home and is such a gift to be a part of. thank you all so much for making this website my home, cause without you, there would be literally nothing.
So I'm in new jersey. Car ride was fine.

A Bit Of A Green Day + Some Catching Up + Batman VS Superman!

Hey everyone, I don't have much to say for today. I just spent my day at home going through social media, the To The End forums and so on... okay, that's what I do everyday to be honest. Here's what happened besides all that:

-I spent most of my day playing League (alone at first but then some friends logged on later) and listening to Dookie, Nimrod and a bit of American Idiot. I can't decide which one's the best between Dookie and Nimrod, but I'll say American Idiot was slightly better than those two.

Community Section

I'm really confused on how this works still

Birthday Party!!

Hey so um it's going to be my bffs birthday party. On July 18th. She wants a Mcr birthday party. I know, I know. It's a long time from now but, we need to start planning! Oh and it is going to be my birthday on September 3rd. And this is far far away but, I'm bored and wanna plan. I want a Mcr birthday sleepover!! Um so any ideas? I will ask a couple more times before the birthday parties. Oh,I wish I could invite every single one of you! Thanks for the ideas.

Love ya~


Um so I'm not like fully educated about how to use this site, unfortunately. But I really want to know how to read a message that someone has sent me. Please!!!