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Rough Day?

So I don't know about you guys, but I had a rough day. Without going into a whole ton of detail, my car broke down again and we were fairly far from my house so that was a nightmare and I don't know when it will work again. I know that probably pales in comparison to some people, but I know that when I'm having a rough day I like to find random shit on the internet. (Well, I do that often, but it helps when I have a rough day) So that's what I did, and I figured someone else is probably having a rough day so here's some random MCR shit to cheer you up. I hope it helps.

Hi There (No. 4 (1))

Hi. Does anyone else have those days in which you just kind of feel... just... lazy? Tired(ish) and not really up to anything from the moment you wake up and then you just feel... well, I can't describe it but It's weird. I'm actually sort of weirded out because I've gone a whole day just doing nothing.
I feel sort of sad, don't know why. Yay for hormones, right? (No, I am not on my period... just random teenage angst hormones or whatever?)
Well, yeah, anyways, that's how I've been kind of spending today.
Oh, yeah, this morning I had to go to Lowe's with my dad and that was really boring too.

Anyone have some advice to share?

ok so this has nothing to do with bands at all but I need some advice (please note if anybody hates hearing about surgery as much as I do don't read this). anyways, I'm like an all out swimmer. I've swam since I was 7 and haven't taken much of a break until now. I'm 15. I've had shoulder problems for almost 2 years now. after a year and a half I had my labrum repaired so last October. it's all going way slower than I thought it would. I still can't swim but I was allowed to run in December but then I hurt my knee. I'm falling apart I know.

Let Friends In/Playlist

I've decided I'm going to let people in. Tell my friends I need help cause things are not ok. I started by telling Ace. Then Shannon, then Blood'y Revenge. I didn't tell them what was wrong, but I told them I need support, I need a friend. And they were great :) I'm going to let Dylan in soon, since he's such a great friend I trust he'll still love me as well as take care of himself while helping me.
My friend Katie made me a really awesome mix CD I'd like to share, I can't stop listening!
1.C'mon - P!ATD & Fun.
2. The Fortunate - Cartel
3. Summer Hair = Forever Young - The Academy is...

how to pretend everything is fine

so this is pretty awful right? i mean i'm distracting myself from how i really feel with, yaoi and tumblr and music and youtube and i just can't seem to let myself be sad. i don't know why i feel hollow all the time, i try to figure out why i can't just process whatever it is that i am sad about. it makes me feel even more fucked-up than i may actually be. because i feel like i'm laughing a lot but i'm actually really upset about something. i'm so confused. i mean, i legitimately don't even know what i'm doing with my life. i feel like i gave up with 2016, y'know?