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help my poor soul

so i had just woken up and found out that My Chemical Romance just posted a teaser for something coming in September. I'm mentally unprepared and very anxious. I really hope that means theyre getting back together. even just a tour is okay, although i would be 10x happier if they were a band again. whatever makes them happy, you know?

What In The Bloody Hell

What in the bloody hell is going on?! Are they making a remastered version of the black parade? Or getting back together? Or going on tour? Or making a new album? I have also heard rumours that if they do get back together Frank is not coming back, but I really hope he does if they are getting back together!


Omg what is happening

I can't believe it

I was sad when MCR broke up because I had just started to like them. I believed I would never be able to see them. But now I have a chance to see them I can't wait. Thank you MCR!!!!!


I hope this isn't fake