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So Long and Goodnight (possibly?)

Wow, it's been months since I've been on here. I've just finished reading some of my past blogs and have had a mini cringe session. But I'm also happy to say that I'm in a much better place than I was when I first joined this site. I've started swimming again, I'm playing guitar, and I finished exams without any problems. I still hit rough patches now and then, but everyone does sometimes, right? This may or may not be the last time I post a blog, depending on how I'm feeling throughout the summer.

To Open Up Under the Moon: As a Moonflower Would

This is probably going to be a culmination of rubbish. Or oddities.
I've started working as a gallery assistant for the British Art Show. It's a rota type thing, and I'm working 26 out of the 90 days or so. Today was my 3rd day. I also have laryngitis which means I can't sing out loud or talk to myself. So it's gotten quiet. The days have gotten quite because i spend 7 hours sitting in a gallery, barely speaking to anyone, watching visitors walk past and occasionally help the unsure ones.Admittedly people have asked my opinion on the show a few times and I've tried to be honest.

No, I'm not dead yet

Hey everyone!
There has passed one month since I logged in. Toooooo long and I mossed you all. I have been on summer classes of french because it's obligatory. The good part is that one friend of mine stayed too so we suffer together.
I've been feeling really bad with myself. Even if my mom promised to take me to a nutritionist, she hasn't. I don't know why but she hasn't and I have remained her but she just won't take me. So I decided to do it by my own again. Lucky there are some stuff that keep me happy, like MCR, Panic!, Jack and Dean and Dan and Phil.
I also wanted to say that I was

Hotlanta Part Duece

Well I went to the waterpark today.

Me and my two friends and my one friends Care Taker ( Activities Director) [ he's Schizophrenic but acts as if he has low functioning Autism] so we went to White Water ( Six Flags Water Park) and we Rode the Tornado and Bermuda Triangle.

The Tornado was intense you go down a tube into an Inverted Funnel and me and my friend brad where in the tube together so we hit the wall on the funnel and went up really high on the wall; I thought we where going to fall out.

We both weight about 240 pounds. So my friend is like Oh Shit!! and I'm like hang on tight brad.

well....kinda dumb question but i need your help ^^

here is a pic with the topic: when you see it......

well my problem, i cant see it...can anyone see it?!?? i mean this kinda drives me crazy ^^ its a dumb pic, yeah i know but i want to find out what it is ^^