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I'm incredibly bored at work. Neither my friend nor my boyfriend work tonight and I really can't think of a good thesis statement for my informative speech.

On the bright side I'm getting better at my speech class. Which is good, considering I'm gonna be an English teacher. Last time I gave a speech I honestly thought I was gonna either cry or black out or both. I mean it was so bad I'm positive my teacher gave me pity points. This time I just thought I was gonna go over time. And maybe start crying.

finding mcr in movies, etc.

Am I the only one who gets CRAZY excited whenever they hear an MCR song in a movie or tv show, or hear an MCR reference made in a show, movie, etc? And am I the only one who loses their cool whenever they read a reference to MCR in a novel or article?

....yup. I'm that kind of fan-girl, and i am not ashamed


So I failed my math sol...

hi how are ya

So I heard FIATC is coming out with a second album? To be honest I think Stomachaches is one of my favorite albums of all times