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Someone said that MCR was getting back together on March 22. Is this true?

Thank you

Hello my friends!
Hope you have great day. This is my first time writing here and actually my first official day. :) I used to read your blogs whenever I felt bad or just I was bored, sick.. Just whenever I had time. And it helps me a lot. And now I want to do this too. Write about what is going on in my mind. It will help me and maybe some of you too. Sometimes I feel like no one knows what is going on with me. No one understand me. And it sucks. But when I was reading your blogs I felt different. You are strangers to me but at the same time you are my family.

This day

Yesterday I slept hearing Helena. Today I woke up with Fake your Death on my head. I'm sad because MCR broke up, but also happy because of what they've done. Mikey with Electric Century, Frank with the Cellabration and Gerard with Hesitant Alien.
This day is to remember them and what they did for us. So please, avoid being rude or to ask the guys if MCR is getting back together. If something is going to happen, they will let us know, if not, well, lets just keep them alive.
Keep running, killjoys


I am kind of sad because they broke up- I do miss them as I am listening to them as I write this now. Wow, ok it's been 3 years now... They really were fricking awesome. I mourn but am also happy because they're happy now, with their own families. So thank you, Gerard, Mikey, Ray, Frank, Bob, James, Matt for showing me good music and being all around awesome.

To the best idea ever,

killjoys, make some noise! And lets celebrate this anniversary with pride!