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im totally into GA at the moment

I started watching Greys anatomy some weeks ago i think :P well i srarted watching it during season 12, now i have finished this, and started watching the old seasons and im now at season 2...its pretty cool! i like it and i must admit im kinda addicted to it almost every day...i really like the characters ^^

well anyone watching it?


busy busy busy!

Right so I might not have a lot of time to post on here. Let me explain :

Basically .. Some of you may know that there is this huge singing competition called the Eurovision where singers represent their countries with an original song and stuff haha idk how to explain it. And there is the junior eurovision.. and I have passed to the finals of the Malta junior eurovision song contest!

So now I have to compete with other singers from my country and whoever wins gets an original song and stuff and I'm going to be on TV and oh my gosh it is so exciting!

The Vindictives - Alarm Clocks (cover)

Hello again, beautifuls!

I hope everyone is alive and well.
This month's music video is finally up, so I'll leave the link in the comment section for those interested. It is greatly appreciated if you check it out though. :D

If you like that video, just hit the like button. Or favourite it, or share it to your friends. :)
And watch some other covers I made.

And finally, feedback is always welcomed. :D

Stay beautiful! <3

Wednesday: Two tests. Thursday: One test. Friday: One test. Tuesday: One Test Wednesday: One test. Thursday: Technically two tests

I haven't been on most sites over the past couple of days because I've been studying for these tests. I still have this lot to go. Well I had french and english yesterday.

Quick Question


Do the messages on this site work? I was just curious.....