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Weather is... weird

Earlier there was frozen rain. Before that there was sun. Now there is snow. I won't be surprised if later it started raining and the sun is out at the same time. To be Frank, weather is hard to predict. It said it would rain on the news.

What has happened today? Not much. I don't have a valentine so I can't celebrate that. Knowing my luck I'll end up getting one next week, or maybe not. That has never happened before.

Had a carvery for lunch. The gammon looked white but I still ate it. It tasted like gammon so it was worth it.


Hi. I'm new to this website. I think it's really great to have this community of MCR fans. I'm glad this is still a strong fandom after 3/22/2013. BTW, I miss MCR. I was typing really fast when made my username.

I have a gift of fanfic

THis is my fanfic list. there are currently 605 fanfics on it from different bandoms (fob, green day, mcr, p!atd). It also has podfic links and links to some rec lists I use.

Sales, Feel-good book, sleep anxiety and VALENTINES DAY

Hey guys

I got paid on Friday so naturally it was burning a hole in my pocket, and working at the mall doesn't really help :P so after work yesterday I went to Free People and got a leather jacket that was supposed to be $120 for $50 and a cool shirt that was originally $70 for $20! that made me really happy.

Also, my therapist has me making a book with good things people say about me or reminders that there are people who care about me and honestly half of the book is just comments I've received on here over the years.

Valentine's Day

It's Sunday morning right now and I'm thinking about all of the schoolwork I have to do today for this week (I know I'm lazy). Definitely not a 15 page assignment or anything, just a bunch of small tasks. Not bad to be honest, so I'll get around to it. For now, listening to 'Skylines and Turnstiles' is enough. This song is really interesting in my opinion: after all it's the first one Gerard wrote. The lyrics are meaningful and full of emotion, which is always valuable in my book. But I digress.
It's Valentine's day over here and even if I'm not in a relationship, I don't feel like I need one