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Rude People (an anecdote)

In this post, I tell a story about how some rude people ruined my movie experience. Read if you dare!


FUCK. All this homework to do, all the revision i need to prepare, all this sleep I have to catch up on, all of these after school detentions I have to prepare fore. fuck again.

As you can tell by the title of this I am back to school tomorrow after the easter holidays. I have left everything until the last minute which is the worst thing I could have done.

Anyway, Yesterday someone suggested I talked about what my favorite subject at school is. So here is a little bit more about myself.

Let us begin.

My favorite subject is MUSIC! I love music.

Gee's Bday

Hey everybody! Well with my friend yesterday had the best day preparing our own little party for our sweet G...also I just wanna say I'm really proud of her because she made that for his Bday and she had to tolerate me all day when we were playing this song...<3

P.S If you want to see our little tribute to our sweet G on twitter search me on @Xrush98
and a great a thanks to all of you for your lovely wishes about my trip :D <3


Happy 39th Birthday, Gee!

To the man who inspires a lot of people through his music, art, and positivity, to the man who amazes me everytime he posts something on his social media accounts, to the man who regularly greeted everyone "Good morning!" on twitter, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I couldn't believe that a 39-year old dork would inspire me this much. Geez, I can't even believe that he is already 39, I mean, he is a vampire, right? He doesn't age. Hahahaha. THANK YOU, GERARD!

Any older MCR fans up for chatting?

HEY THERE! I'm an older (26) MCR fan looking for friends around my age who share my love for MCR :P

Anyone 21+ who wants to make some new internet friends and talk about MCR and other bands that we love, video games, comic books, movies and stuff of the sort feel free to message me =D