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man.... your best friend attempting suicide really puts things in perspective, doesn't it?
today was a shitty day

school day!

I haven't posted a blog in quite a while. I'm still on here, though! I love reading your blogs and seeing how your days went! School today was good I guess. I got confused today because in Maths we did equations (finding the gradient and y-intercept of the graph and then finding the equation basically) and she gave us homework to start there and the teacher stayed going around to see if we were doing them correctly and to see if she could help us.

So she came to me and she asked me if I was okay with the whole thing and I said "Yeah, I finished a whole exercise and I have a few more to go"


Today has been good, but the more I think about how my sister is more successful than I am I get heavily upset and I guess jealous? I mean, my sister she always participates in stuff and she always gets so much feedback from it while I'm just over here who draws sometimes and doesn't participate in school related things because I'm too shy and I feel that if I do something in front of people I'll break down and cry, then embarrass myself.

Tuesday Terror

So 3 more people have been arrested at school and I'm going nuts! My mom also want me to break up with my boyfriend for no reason whatsoever so yeah I hate today...

"Someone has it worse than you."

Okay here's a thing. Smile when you're happy, and cry when you're sad, and stop il-legitimising your emotions based on a quote that can so easily be taken out of context. Because someone has it better than you, too.
Of course there are people out there that truly have it worse than you, and the saying certainly aids in being self-aware, and not affluent. But at the same time, don't stop it from allowing you to feel whatever you are - even if afterwards, you acknowledge that it might have been kinda stupid.
That's all I really want to say.