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4 Cara Kendalikan Diri Belanja di Toko Online Indonesia

Banyaknya penyedia layanan toko online Indonesia memberikan keuntungan atau bahkan kerugian tersendiri bagi konsumen. Keuntungan belanja secara virtual sudah tentu beragam dan menjadi point yang memanjakan para konsumen. Namun dibalik keuntungan-keuntungan yang ada transaksi online bisa memberikan efek yang sebaliknya. Terutama dari segi kemudahan menumbuhkan rasa lapar mata dalam berbelanja sehingga asal membeli mana yang sekiranya menarik. Kondisi yang seperti ini tentu bagi beberapa orang membuat kalap belanja dan tidak baik bagi situasi keuangan.

Terlebih lewat toko online dengan mudah

Writing about Gerard :)

One more kinda big thing I forgot (which is why I made a separate post) is that in English, we have to write a research paper on someone who has positively impacted the world, so of course I chose Gerard. :P I would have chosen all of MCR but Mr. K said only one person, and as you guys know, I relate to Gee the most. It's awesome cuz I get to watch LotMS and reread Not the Life It Seems for my homework! XD Wish me luck!

G <3

~Listen to my voice, it's my disguise~

Hey guys! I hope y'all had a nice weekend! On Friday, four other friends and I walked to get froyo and pizza after school. It was really nice cuz I've been feeling really isolated from them recently. Turns out all 5 of us AND one other friend are going to the pride parade, so that will be super fun. :) Then, we all had different plans for that evening, so Lyn-Z and I went to see The Jungle Book...but then we ended up buying tickets to see The Darkness instead because we wanted to see a silly horror movie on Friday the 13th. :P It wasn't bad but...not good either.



This is a review that starts it all. It kind of happened when I was chatting with a new acquaintance of what albums and songs do we like from Linkin Park, and I had to mentioned my strong dislike towards this album.

If you want to know more, you can read it through the link on the comment section! But I'll warn you: it is a really, really long, rant review.

If you have anything for me to react/review/criticise, please let me know!
And I will do my best not to be so angry when I found flaws. :)
Stay beautiful!