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September 23: Let's walk head-on into this together.

Two years and two weeks, there-ish, after my last blog post, I sit here like a grown up doing grown up things - working a job for actual money, watching my engagement ring sparkle in the overhead fluorescent light, thinking about the rent and bills that need to be paid...

All it took was a single video to bring out my inner teenager. Dressed in black. Excited. Terrified.

Like everyone here, I don't know what will happen on September 23. It could be an anniversary celebration for The Black Parade or maybe My Chemical Romance did indeed fake its death and this is their rebirth.

PLease be a tour

I don't know how to feel about this:/


I was just getting over MCR then this shiz happened! GEESUS WAY THIS BETTER NOT BE A FALSE ALARM!!!!

mental breakdown

my chem saved my life if they are back together i am going to have a heart attack omg i am so happy