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How did i get here...

Hello everyone. I would like to tell this little story about how a became the guy you know very little about today... please enjoy!

Blink-182. Great start to punk music in my opinion. There is an old video of me hidden on some DVD singing the bands most iconic song (All the small things), at the age of 4. I started young. Apart from that one song, I really didn't listen to much music. At the age of 9, I picked up a guitar for the first time. After many years of practice a 13 year old me was now playing some pretty complex stuff.



Happy Birthday Gerard.

Happy Birthday To Gerard the artist and the super hero. The inspiration that taught me to keep fighting in my darkest hours and the man who sings me to sleep. The man who brought together the greatest, the most influential band and has grown so much as a person. A well done to him for fighting through his depressions and addictions, he never thought he would live this long and now he has a loving supporting wife and child and is the happiest burrito alive. Happy God Damn Birthday You Inspirational Sass Queen.

Happy Birthday Gee!!!!!

He's almost 40! but still looks so damn young! this guy will never age hun?

Well I got bored today.....

Ok first off. I'm aware it's Gerards birthday, Happy Birthday Gee.

Secondly I got a little bored today and was talking with my friend then just started, well, see for yourselves;

r ldy f srrws
dmltn lvrs
fk yr dth
srrndr th nght
th lght bhnd yr ys
kss th rng
ts nt fshn sttmnt ts dthwsh
smn t thr lves yu (sty)
dth f bchlr
th nly dffrnc btwn mrtyrdm nd scd s th prss cvrg
wrt sns nt trgds
nrthn dwnpr (i like this one)
vgs lghts
th blld f mn ls
brck by brng brck
flng srry
whr th lns vrlp
ll wntd
stll nt yu
[n f ths] crzy grls
crzy = gns
fr pssmst m prtty ptmsc
lt th flms bgn
w r sx bb mb