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I tried for a year to stay away from this site--that didn't work so here I am people. I have no idea how to use this website except for the fact that it will be the death of me. Ok that's it, have a nice day and yes, that was supposed to be in Dan's voice lol.


So I've posted twice already today (oops), but I just remembered something I wanted to ask the other killjoys. So, I've noticed that MCR has renewed their copyright at the bottom of the page.. Don't bands/companies only do that when they intend to use the name to make more products? In other words, why would they renew the copyright if they're broken up/not making music anymore? Alsoo, a lot of people are saying that they might reunite in 2019. I know this is based on the fact that Danger Days is set in 2019, but is there more to that theory then what I know?

Wow just realized this is a


Ok so I tried to show/introduce my friend to the glorious genre of music that is My Chem, and accidentally showed her the song Mama (which happens to be one of my favorites), and she responded by saying that My Chem sounded satanic because the lyric 'Mama, we're all going to hell' had just been sung... that's the end of me trying to show my friends what my music taste is lmao (Also, is it correct to just shorten the band's name to My Chem, or is it better to use MCR?)

An Ode to the Spam Filter

Spam filter, oh spam filter.
God, you really suck.
I try to post a blog and you're like,
You scream to me
No I swear I'm not!
I attempt, and try to plead.
But it's of no use,
King Spam Filter is fucking obtuse.

All I want is to post a blog,
Something about my day,
I spend an hour
Picking the words to say.
Then I click the save button
And alas, dear me!
The spam filter has been triggered
It's just not meant to be.

I plead and I rewrite
Trying desperately to find
The malicious part of my blog
That's put me in this bind
But no matter how long
and how long