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Well damn

Its been a while. post a comment so that i can see alot of stuff when i log on next.


So I have a day off work....thought id post a blog...about
If you wana chat about what ever then inbox me, always here to chat and whatnot.
Would love to hear from some My Chem fans.
I feel kinda old being here, the majority of people on here are younger than me.
but anywho I find we have similar interests :-)

hope you guys are having good days


Halloween party at WAGLY

WAGLY (western suburban alliance of gay and lesbian youth) is having a halloween party tonight! YAY! I'm going as Frankie cause a lot of kids there are into MCR and I know they'll be into it :) Can't wait! I love WAGLY, it's such a great group and we've gotten really big! 35-45 kids come to Monday meetings on average. We've had up to 60! I've been coming for three years, and I'm a regular. So it really is a safe space where I feel at home :) I hope all of you have a place where you feel like that, or a person.
- Z


so..... I've been wondering.... How everyone is Montana is..... ::::( I know I have no right to it, but, I can't help it....... I've been feeling homesick and, well..... I miss them......... After everything that happened... I miss them, so much... Especially Colette.... I miss her the most right now..... Little Colette.... smart, artistic, extremely talented.... used to be my role model and my best friend.... I'm kind of bouncing back and forth between being depressed and happy today, it sucks...
My brother is getting here around 12:15 (lunch) from Montana.... My mum's wedding is this Saturday :/ Day after Halloween.... That oughta be interesting... Just means this Friday's going to be really really boring...


So i found out that my ex started dating the day we broke up and i have a suspicion she was cheating on me. Ugh godd*mnit. I hope she's happy because idgaf about her anymore.